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  • Hey I'm new here. .my Skype id is anujose911
  • Hi My Skype id is kasuntharinda1989 .. Please send me request if any one willing to improve English.

  • Please add me in this group my skype khan7865506.
  • Hello hareendra". PLS help me learn English grammar.. I'm quite confused with the tenses..I need your help. Thnx
  • Hello I want to learn too Inglish please .


    English Grammar TUTE 02. This will help you to understand some parts of Grammar. 

  • Dear Friends.

    English is very important because it is an International language. You have to follow the basic grammar rules and tenses patterns to speak English accurately. I am always ready for help you to English grammar and Tenses.

  • please help me,    I want to learn english

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Tenses in English

Dear Friends,Learning tenses is the key to speak in English with correct grammar. I am always ready to help you to learn Tenses (Both Active and Passive) in a simple way. Hope to upload tutorials soon.

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