I have seen some members are law students. I would like to create this group for helping each other.

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  • thank you dear. i have master in law. but i am not so good in legal terminology, could you please add me in your group, my skype: live:.cid.cf32e22429a8b839
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Legal Terms and Pronunciation

LEGAL TERMSI'm neither a lawyer nor law student! Neverthless, I know how to pronounce the LEGAL TERMS when I come across them. It's possible because I could read the PHONETIC SPELLINGS. A phonetic spelling (or phonetic transcription) is the WRITTEN FORM of a PRONUNCIATION using SOUND SYMBOLS of the ENGLISH SPEECH SOUNDS. I would recommend those in the legal field to learn how to read the phonetic transcriptions for an appropriate pronunciation of the legal terms.For example, here's the PHONETIC…

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