Welcome to the group! Are you an English language lover? Perhaps you're a teacher or an aspiring educator? How about an English learner who likes to exchange your ideas to other members? If yes, then feel free to join the group!

As an English learner myself, I believe that it's much effective to learn the language if we're going to act as a teacher to others who are having a difficult time in improving their language skills.

We could talk about any topic related to the English language and its components such as grammar, spelling and pronunciation as well as effective ways to be fluent in this language.

You can share your lessons, tips, and links (please make sure they're not broken links) about the English language.

Remember to be respectful to other learners and avoid plagiarism! The best of luck to all!

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Hello, I'm Robbie! Thank you for joining this group. I made a new activity to practice our spoken English. If you're comfortable speaking or recording your voice, why not share it here!

Practicing speaking this language develops our self-confidence and improves our personality. Let's help each other correct our pronunciation and exchange some tips to enhance our spoken English.

I'll try to post news articles from MyEC as our guide, as well as various topics that we can talk about. 

So what are you waiting for? Start recording and make an introduction. Let your voices be heard! Stay tuned for the news recording.

Thank you for listening. Good bye for now!


You can record your news using your computer or download a recording app such as Audacity and Lame (which I'm currently using), then upload your file on here using the paperclip icon in the comment section.


You may upload your recordings from your computer files to Audioboom which has now improved its site. And later share the links here if the embed code isn't working well.


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  • Hi,
    I want to speak through skype to increase English skill, my skype ID is : ( itosoft.mamun )
    If someone interested please add me.
    Thank you,

  • Welcome to the group, Teacher Nadira, Kasun, Safaa, Allen28, Luis, and Eman Mahmoud. Thank you very much for joining! Please don't hesitate to keep this group active. :)



  • Thanks a lot
  • Hi My Skype id is kasuntharinda1989 .. Please send me request if any one willing to improve English.

  • Welcome to the group, Abdurrahmon and Satya! Thank you for joining. You can learn English by interacting to our fellow learners through blogging, posting a discussion or joining our reading challenges here. :)

  • I'm from Uzbekistan! I want to practice my English!
  • Hello everybody
  • can some one help me to learn English please

  • Hello All I am new member to this group

  • Welcome to the group, Linda! Thanks for joining. Feel free to share useful information about learning or teaching English here. 

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Can You Say /ə/?

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penpal programs anyone?

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English by skype

Hello learners! How are you doing ? I've got something to tell you since we all have known that there are so many ways in learning English to get influence in speaking with perfect pronunciation and accent, some of them are through movies, listening to the musics and even having a chat with natives, and all in all we do the repeated tools to support us to do so. Here I'd like to tell you ways we do with a group of people how we take english lessons with natives by skype supported by one of…

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