Reading Challenge #2

Hello, English Educators!

This challenge is a bit different from the previous one. This is an important activity where we can learn grammar and practice reading and speaking (pronunciation) all at the same time. Please click the link below to access the podcast. Listen carefully about the pointers and examples about double negatives.

VOA - Learning English (Double Negatives)

When you're ready, you can record yourself reading one to two paragraphs based from the transcripts. Share your recording here and challenge other learners to participate in our activity. English teachers and advanced learners may give their tips about your recordings.

You can also check out a blog of mine related to this discussion. Please click here.

The very best of luck!



I've already attached my sample recording below.

Double Negatives.mp3

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  • Thank you Burn Bakaq, Anah Sid, and Jp_Tp for liking this activity. :)

  • Hi, English Educators!

    I recorded a paragraph about this topic. Please do join if you have time.


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