News Reading Activity #1

Hello, English Educators!

Are you a fan of Mr. Bean? I know he doesn't speak enough on his shows, but let us hear a news clip from him courtesy of Interesting Facts in Easy English which was recorded by Tara. This podcast is quite old, but still very useful to practice our reading skills. Here is the link...

Mr. Bean Saves the Day

You can now read the clip and start recording the news if you're ready! Please don't forget to share it here. You can do it! 

Let's practice our reading, shall we? The best of luck!



I'll post my recording shortly.

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  • Thousand thanks also Robbie for the very useful video.
    • You're very much welcome, Burn! I was glad to help you the best way I could. Cheers! :)

  • Thanks a lot Robbie.
    It would be great pleasure for me to join your group. Very useful..Very informative group! And thanks also for the corrections and advice.
  • Hi Robbie,

    If not bother you, please check my speaking at the link below:


    • By the way, welcome to the group! :)

    • Hello, Burn!

      Thank you very much for being the first one to accept my challenge! You've proven that you're a true STAR. :) You've read the news with ease and confidence.

      As for the essence of this activity, let's tackle some minor mistakes in your recording. We learners tend to read fast and sometimes forget to pause when we see period or comma in a sentence. But I'm sure you can manage this error as you go on with your future recordings. Still, I liked the way you read the news with emotion and with a high rising tone for the question part.

      Another thing that you can improve is the pronunciation of verbs in the past tense. This is  'ed' sound such as saved, tried, and tight-lipped. Through continuous practice and repetition you can definitely its proper pronunciation. 

      Here's a video that can be useful for you, dear Burn. I learned many ways how to pronounce verbs according to their ending sounds. 

      Thanks again for sharing your recording and for your enthusiasm in learning English. I hope you won't take my corrections too seriously. :)

      Wishing you all the best!


  • As what I promised, here's my recording!

    It's your turn to record this clip! Good luck... :)

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