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Hello, English Educators!

For this activity, we will use the latest Interesting Facts in Easy English recorded by Teacher Tara. Did you know that tortoise and turtle are two different types of reptiles. Know more about this activity through listening to the recording. If you read the texts that go with it, you'll notice that you're like saying a tongue twister because of a lot of 'T's. It's gonna be fun recording this one!

By the way, check the link below to listen to the recording.

Tortoises and Turtles

You can record yourself using that clip above. Don't forget to share it here.

Wishing you the best of luck!


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What do you think about this photo? Are they tortoises or turtles?

I attached my recording below.

Tortoises and Turtles (4).mp3

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  • Thank you for your comment, Rana! 

  • I guess they are turtles because tortoises the lazy person or something or something someone is being lazy
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