Binomials Challenge

Let's have a vocabulary challenge. This discussion is about binomials. Oh, it's not about math! What are those? Well, I'm referring to a topic about improving our vocab.

Binomials are short English phrases made up of two words together. They are usually joined by 'and' or other particle. Please be reminded that binomials are always fixed, so we can't interchange one word from the other.

Here are some common binomials and their meanings;

Cheap and cheerful - quick, simple and basic

My teacher always gives a cheap and cheerful quiz after the discussion.

Sick and tired - angry, fed up or bored

The employees are sick and tired of their manager's constant complaining about their poor performance.

Bit by bit - to accomplish something by small effort constantly

Jarvis assembled the gigantic puzzle bit by bit.

Here's your challenge. Post a new discussion in our group with a title - Binomials Challenge. Kindly include a binomial of your choice and its definition and sample sentences. In this way, other members would learn new phrases. Challenge your friends to post their own discussion about binomials, too.

Don't forget to include the link on this discussion. Good luck!

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