Medicine: Disease:

Small pox – Tonsillitis – Plague – Tuberculosis – Measles –

Medicine: Tools and equipment:

Pills – Purge – Castor Oil – Ointment – Laxative – Gargle – Drops – Plaster – 

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  •         Fill in the blanks with the correct words and phrases from the word bank.

    WORD  BANK: prescribe, nurse  practicioner, diagnose,counselling,physical exam.

    1.Mark is in constant pain.He hopes the doctor can quickly ------------- the problem.

    2.When Linda  conducts a(n)----------- she checks all areas of a person's body.

    3. Peter  examines his patient  , he decides to ---------- medication to reduce pain.

    4. Todd offers --------- services . Many people tell him about their problems.

    5.Molly likes learning about medicine and helping people. She wants to be  a ---------when she grows up.

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