Warm love with each verse keeps me laughing within my heart..
you're the most enticing colorful drawing of all my thoughts...
which only can see through my eyes forever..

it's made out of an enchanting sound of a song and
winsome beauty of a flower...
I'm singing this love song with one hope in mind and one hope
in mind only, Oh.. my dearest one in my dreams.. I'm impatiently
waiting to meet you in real..

This is from one of my songs(written in Sinhala when I was a kid). This is just a part, that I've translated for one of my Chinese friends.. I'm looking forward to write more, Thanks for the invitation.

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  • The sage is also a poet.  What a talented person you are, Kosala!

    What do you mean by one of your songs?  Is it originally made by your or you just translated it?

    • I've written many poems and songs in Sinhala(My mother tongue), This is just a part of a song written by me. You might not able to understand, but you can find some of them on Facebook and YouTube by searching "Kosala Siribaddana", I'm planning to write a beautiful poem/song or something which sounds like "I love you". (I'm wondering how you going to interpret that... :)

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