The gray handsWhen I was a child my live is hardin that time there's no dad or mumWhen I was a child there's no dreamsto make me fell scare or happyWhen I was a child all is so dark or grayWhen I was young every thing is fightWhen I was young no tears in my faceWhen I was young no colors in my smilesBut one-day I saw the sunWith his yellow hair cover the hillsWith his hands around the worldsaying:Hey! Awake to a new life!In my heart bright a hot diamond lightI was in loveWhen I was in love, I was looking for your eyesWhen I was in love, I was counting timeTime to home and see you againWhen I was in love I found in you my real soulWhen I was in love I never was gray againWhen I was in love with youI always had a good dayBut now my dearMy sun,I am blind,I am inside,I am closed to life,I am a closet with you insideI walk in streetI see people passingBut my eyes is not mineI never image to live without youI never image to ask why to GodWhy the gray in my hand is youThat I will never touch again------------------------------------------------Excuse me if I do something wrong or not so good, but I was here and I felt a strong force that made me write this. How I wish to learn English more and more, I decided to post it.I will be thankful if you would have a little time to read it!Excuse me, I was so confused that I sent this for every one in this group, after I post like a comment, and now I believe that I made correct!Excuse me again, I will understand if someone will be annoyed with me.Thanks.

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  • Hey abcampelo

    You know? I love when people can't help but doing stuff like writing poems! :)
    So it's very good that you felt that urge and you wanted to share it here.

    I've to admit that I'm not into poetry that much now (I liked more when I was teenager) But I joined the group because I wanna encourage you to keep writing! ^_^


    You wrote a very nice piece... I think there is not any poet who can 'avoid' to talk about Love! haha... I guess that's because love can make us feel happy and crazy at the same time. 

    Keep motivated and don't leave that urge for writing :)

    P.S. Groups in EC usually don't get too much feedback. Maybe you can also try to write a poem in a blog next time, probably more people can see it there :)

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  • Thank you so much! Yesterday I was here and your group EC Poets motivated me to write it. I confess that I was afraid to be criticized. Now I am happy, so happy to do it that you can image!
    Thank you so much!
    Thank EC Poet!
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