Reality with sugar

Reality with sugar


Live a life is so hard.

All time we are occupied with how much time,

How many money, how many things for to do,

Success live, success by !

Definitions, definitions, verbs, what is the best way,

What is the last way?

Statistics, afraid, no be afraid,

Hide, show a façade! Do you have someone?

But how many of us will stop to appreciate the ugly flower that was given

To us?

Selfie, sel…while, selfish! Mobile!

Be happy? I do not know yet!

Is it a cake? What a flavor? You will only taste.

Work, I believe that never humans are so occupied!

But where is otioseness, “Modern times”.

Is it a movie or a bad presage?

Mind that love the virtual heart!

Hard live, live hard,

What to say, noting, only hi!

Five words, fly lovers, easy way.

But there is easy life!?

Illusions, our shopping are made at 10pm!

Promotions: Two illusions live!

Two lives of illusions

Two illusions to live

Do you wanna mine?

Or yours is not enough!



But, next time, buy something!

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