How to Fall In Love

It's not easy for me to write poetry.............but let's give it a try.

How to Fall In Love

In the ocean of love 
In the temple of heart 
Ever dive or get into to know 
How to fall in love 

Ever two hearts are  unite 
With just similarity of thoughts 
It is heard….people say 
Just taking one name 
The heart beat gets high. 

Ever get into the Ocean of fire 
Then you will know 
How to fall in love. 

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  • It would be a "blessing" for you that you will never able to fall in love.

    To fall in love you must experience how to jump in ocean of fire.

  • Wow, it looks like a fiery love to me!  How romantic!

    • Thanks for feeling the 'heat'............. Anele.

  • Wow.. simple, original.. this is a beautiful poem..

  • You have the right, this is your group.

This reply was deleted.