Hi friends! 

Have you ever heard about this food? Let me put it to your mouth in your imagination ok?...hehehe... and then, come to Vietnam to taste it.. why not? :P

You know, I always eat so much rice with this food, I mean it tastes very delicious, such a little sour of tamarind, hot from pepper, and sweet from fish... Wow...yummy...yummy...! How do you feel now? must be very hungry right? hehe... 

If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, take a try on this food, you must be like it for sure.. :)

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  • I dont have ever to try this taste. It' s strange food.
    I know a little about canh chua kinds such as : canh chua ca loc, canh chua la giang, canh chua khe.... :))and I like them , but I really dont thinking about "rau muong" can add "canh chua"....
    is it delicious...? maybe I should try do it :))

    • @ Pisces,

      Take a try on it, I make sure that you will like it. because "rau muong" taste very good in sour water... hehehe.

    • hahaha...pisces, don't tell more. I cannot stop my "slaver" :)

    • ...LOL... hahaha, my Sis, please put a bowl under your face to catch your "slaver"..... hahaha

      Or you can wear a mask.... :D

  • Thank you chiaki smile for liking our discussion, welcome here! :)

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Snails : oc sen, or only oc. ....hehehe...If only oc, I can cook for

    • Sis Mouse,

      hehehe... I'm waiting for seeing your snails... :P

    • but I asked you : "oc sen" or only "oc". Maybe, only "oc", right?

    • Oh Sis, How can we eat "oc sen"...ock ock..!!...just think I can feel terrible! ..LOL... hahaha.

      I think it is "oc" only, dear. But I'm not make sure that we (include Khoaton) use correct word. hmm..

    • hahaha....."oc sen" is a special food in the restaurants. I have not a chance to taste it, I fear....

      OK, how about "bun rieu oc". I can teach you, or....hahaha...come to my house, I invite.

This reply was deleted.