Chicken ....and lemon's leaf

Hey, my friends.....

lol...I know, You're in hungry, let's enjoy my food. And kekeke.....Am I good in cooking? What? hhhhh...brrrr........You're dead, how dare you say that it is a "bad food"...

You can eat that food with a mixture of salt  and pepper and lemon.

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  • my favorite food :))

    • Ya..Your favorite..but don't eat of son kills

      Thank for your comment

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    • You cannot eat my meal. My Kids ate all :)

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    • Of course, It's for my meal. hehehe....See, You're late so kids eat all.

      hhhh...My photo...please open the attachment


  • Oww, Sis, 

    It's not enough for me... huhuhu....I'm starve now even can eat :D

    Ya, your are "Mouse can cook" ... hehe, really be artist in cooking and decorate your dishes :) It's look very attractive... yum yum...:D

    • lol...Really? hahaha...You cannot Cat, I myself is old so Goshhh....."meat of mine" (I mean : thit cua chi sorry, I don't know how can I write it in English") is old too. Maybe, You need to "stew" around one week.....

    • Hahaha..  you mean I need to boiled you around one week ? LOL... :D

      No, I use the classical way of Cat, it is swallow ... kekeke...

    • hahaha....Gosh, What do you use? Tell me. "swallow"???? hahaha...look at my weight and be careful, huh.... You're dead (no need to swallow me up to your stomach, you will be die at the beginning...hahaha)

    • Hahaha, you got it!!!!

      But our Sis cook chicken, so this "movie" will change to "Chicken-touille" ...hahaha, I think that's nice name for this food. :P what do you say Sis Mouse?

      I'm creative and crazy guy? :D

    • Ratatouille? What's it Ha and Cat? I don't know :)

      I had no idea with your name...:)

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