The Favorable Scent (My Story)

It is my story in Persian:

عطر دلخواه

        تنها گلدونش رو گذاشت لب پنجره تا خوب نگاهش کنه. آب دادن و تميز کردن برگها همونطورکه مامانش يادش داده بود کار هر روزش بود ولی امروز ميل عجيبی داشت که گلدون گلش رو بغل کنه. به‌نظرش قشنگتر از روزای قبل می‌اومد. بغلش کرد. صورتش با قطره‌های ريز روی برگها خيس شد. گل سرخ کوچکی رو که لای برگها پنهان شده بود رو استشمام کرد. کاش گلش عطر خوبی داشت. عميقتر نفس کشيد تا شايد کمی بوی عطر رو احساس کنه. همون کافی بود تا گلش بهترين باشه. گلش رو که دوباره نگاه کرد دلش سوخت. در شيشه‌ی عطر هنوز باز بود. حالا ديگه گلش بهترين بود. بوی مامان رو می‌داد. صورتش رو که روی برگها می‌کشيد ياد نوازشهای مامان می‌افتاد. تو بغل مامان بود و اشک می‌ريخت و می‌شنيد که مامان برای چندمين بار گفت: «عيبی نداره، يکی ديگه برات مي‌خرم.» و دوباره به گل پژمرده‌ی پشت پنجره نگاه کرد.


After posting the story to the TC Group (English Club Translation Group) sara translated it to English, that I must thank her due to her great work and kindness. Really thanks dear Sara, please let me put her good job here


The Favorable Scent

She put her only flowerpot in the window so that she could watch it closely. Watering and cleaning the leaves as her mom has taught was her usual work every day but today she felt the impulsion to hug her flowerpot. It seemed more beautiful than other days. She hugged it. Her face became wet with the tiny drops over the leaves. She smelled a little rose hidden among the leaves. For her that was enough for the flower to be the best. As she looked again at the flower, she felt pity for that. The perfume bottle was still unlidded. Now her flower was the best. It smelled her mother’s scent. As she touched with her face the leaves she remembered her mother’s caress. She was in the arms of her mother shedding tear and herd her mother saying once again: “No problem, I will buy you another one”. And again she was looking at the faded rose behind the window.

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  • Nice story Sahar, but I think there are some mistakes that makes your nice story becomes gray with the hiding of its meaningful touches. Latter, I will show you these mistakes, hopefully.

    • Hello dear Bright!

      Thanks, I really like to know your idea and those mistakes.

      The main plan of this story is using a perfume to make the flower a nicer smell but as you know perfume makes flower's leaves faded.

      I will be so grateful to you if let me know what is the story tranlation feedback.

This reply was deleted.