Folktales with your voice

Dear MYEC friends, it's so interesting to tell each other our cultural folktales, but I thought why we didn't record our voices while we are telling them. please, go far away from your academic voice to tell us your story in a simple and normal way.

Finally, I want to thank our marvelous teacher Gabriel for encouraging me to record my voice after my hesitations


This is my first trial:

1-      Pretty and Intelligent:

Once, there was a gray-haired man walking in his way. While that, he saw a stunner woman. He asked her: if you are married, God bless you; otherwise, let me know. She replied: are you asking me a proposal?! He answered: yes. She said: but I have a blemish. He astonished and asked: what it is?! She answered: a gray hair ( as she was wearing a veil on her hair).So, he turned back and wanted to go on his walking. She called him: heyyyy, wait! He inquired her: what! She explained: I swear that I am still in under twenty and I have never seen a single white hair in my head, but I just wanted to inform you about what I hate in you like what you hated in me…

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  • Thanks dear teacher Gabriel for your efforts in listening to my first trial talling story. I appreciate it! I found that my problem occurs in pronouncing the "P" and "B" . I will follow your steps that mentioned in your comment as I'm seeking for improvement in pronunciation. Thanks.

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    Hello, Bright Rubies!

    (I tried several times to post this on the page where you've read the story but it didn't work. Thus, I'm forced to post it here. Sorry for the mess!)

    Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful group. I’m very happy to be among you guys as I love reading andtelling stories!

    I listened to your voice recording of the story, ‘Pretty and Intelligent’. Your voice is easily comprehensible to the listeners, fulfilling the first criterion of storytelling. You deserve a big round of applause for job well done.

    Just be careful with the pronunciation of the following words. Besides that you are a great storyteller. Keep up the good work!


    Note: I would like to suggest that you check with an online dictionary for the pronunciation of a word that isdifficult for you to pronounce or not so sure of the pronunciation. Also, use a Text-To-Speech tool to listen how native speakers would read the story. If you do these two, you’ll slowly but surely improve your pronunciation.

    P.S. BR, perhaps you could copy and paste this comment of mine over there if you want to.

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