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    Our World

            Emmet fox -the contemporary writer- went to the restaurant for a meal when he had gone to America for the first time. He was waiting on the corner with this intention that he would be entertaining. But he saw that the waiter is not the slightest attention to him. Worst of all he observed that people were after him were sitting in front of plates full of food and eating!

            He went sadly to the man who was sitting near the table and said: "It’s about twenty minutes that I sit here without anyone pay attention to me. Now, I’m seeing that you have arrived less than 5 minutes but you are sitting in front of full plates! What is it? How the people of this country are entertaining?"

            The man said with surprise: "But here is self-service!!" Then He showed the place where food was abundant arranged and said: "Go there, take a tray and whatever you want and pay its money, then sit here and eat it!" he feels a bit silly, but he followed the man’s orders.

            When he put the food on his table he thought that life is like a self-service. All types of events, opportunities happiness and sorrow are in front us but most of us are motionless on our seat and we are looking at the others what they have in their plates and we are surprised why they have more! And we never think that we can rise easily and see what is available around us.

    • very very nice story, teach us about out attitude towards life. that's how to gain in this nobody give unless one will not call...nice work..nice told

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