Bedouin wisdom

Bedouin wisdom

Rumored that a Bedouin had three sons. Named his first son, Abdullah, and named the second Abdullah, and also named the third Abdullah. And when he was dying on his deathbed he said his will: Abdullah inherits, Abdullah does not inherit and Abdullah inherits. Then he died. And when the brothers ended of the burial ceremony, they disagreed on the will. But they agreed to resort to the judge.

In the way, they saw a man who asked them: did you see my mount? They answered: no. And after they left him, they called the man and asked him. First Abdullah asked him: Is your mount cecum? The man answered: Yes. Second Abdullah asked: Is your mount tailless? The man answered: Yes. Third Abdullah asked: Is yours a lame mount? The man exclaimed: Yes!! They said to him: but we have not seen yours. The man cried: those thieves who stole my mount. Then overtook them to judge to complain about stealing his mount and how these thieves have described accurately his mount and then claim that they have not seen it before. The judge asked Abdullah 1: How did you know that the mount is cecum? Abdullah replied: the animals eat grass instinctively before them, and I have seen the side of the grass was eaten and the other side was uneaten. The judge asked Abdullah 2: How did you know that the mount is tailless? He replied that he had seen the animal manure piles on the road and if it has tail, so the manure will be strewn. Then the judge asked the third: How did you know that it is lame? He replied that some hooves prints on the road are deeper than others. Judge sentenced that three men were acquitted.

After that the three men shown their case to the judge. The judge said to them: You are my guests until tomorrow to see in your cause.

When they had been given supper, Abdullah 1 said: do not eat meat, it is dogs meat. Abdullah 2 said: this bread was backed by a nine-month pregnant woman.  And Abdullah 3 said: Be aware of this judge, he is bastard and spying on us. In the morning, the judge asked the first: How did you know that the meat is meat dogs? He replied: lamb meat is a bone first then meat and fat, but the dog meat is bone first then the fat and meat. (God's wisdom to be meat fierce under fat in order to be able to run faster and maneuver). The judge asked the cook, he told him that the herd has been delayed and he did not find any meat to cook, only a dog to butcher it. He asked the second man: How do you know that a woman who baked is a nine-month pregnant? He replied that a part of the loaf is baked well while the other is unbaked ,I discovered that she was pregnant and her pregnancy hindered her to bake the bread well. Finally, he asked the third: Why did you describe me such and such? He replied: You are a judge, we came to resort you, we are your guests and then you put eyes to spy on us; this behavior is a bastard behave.

 The judge asked his mother about this issue, she acknowledged and confessed. The judge proclaimed: It's time to pronounce the judgment. He said: who said that the meat is dogs meat, he inherits. And who said that a woman who baked is a nine-month pregnant, also inherits. Finally, who said that I'm a bastard, doesn't inherit. They astonished and asked him, what is your argument in that?

He replied: The bastard will not be known unless from who is like him.

They went to their mother inquire her about the story. She told them that their brother is a bastard, and their father found him at the door of the mosque while he wants to pray dawn prayers.

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  • Interesting!!

    I like this hard story :)

    It was a little hard for understanding, but you selected an interesting one.

    Like to read more and more from you :)

    • Thank you so much Sahar for your reading to my story. Yea, It's difficult but interesting as you said . I will choose shorter and simpler next time :) wait for my newest :)


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