Tomato sauce + broth by Czech cow

Hi folks,

I would like you to introduce, how you can guess from the title, the tomato sauce that is made from bouillon alias soup made from water, vegetable, meat, and so on... :)

Firstly it could be great to say it is my first potato sauce ever without any help (no poison, really!). ;D And to be honest, this is not so health food which I don't eat much. And though, to cook it time to time is not so bad for us, and it is tasty (and Czech, heh!) :)

Let's start then!



- water

- bovine meat for soup (or alternative is beef bouillon [bujón])

- 2x parrots

- 2x parsnip

- 1/2 celery root

- onion

- garlic

- spices: 1 bay leaf, allspice (4 balls), dash of pepper, salt (half of spoon)

*Merely for five persons

At the beggining we pour water to the pot (rather bigger than small), add the meat, vegetable, plus spices and we let it cook around one hour, maybe less, than the meat will be soft and fall apart. After that we can start to make tomato sauce.




- oil/or butter

- tomato pureé/or 0,5 kg fresh tomatoes

- smooth flour (3 spoons)

+ thyme, cloves, cinnamon, sugar CHOOSE BY YOUR OWN TASTE!!!

How to make it?

On the oil or butter (this time I chosed butter) we fry cinnamon bark, thyme, cloves, sugar, tomato pureé or tomatoes.

After we pour it (with the lid on it) by the broth (one liter of it?), + again sugar (add of it by your own taste, if you want to have it sweet or not) and for frequent stirring we cook it for a while. After that we drain sauce through stainer to another pot. We have almost done!

In that time we can add the noodles to the soup. But before it you must take away the meat from and cut it on smaller parts. You can give it back to the soup or to add it to the sauce afterwards.

Now we have made soup, tomato sauce and what we miss is what we will eat it with! It is up to you if you choose Macaroni or dumplings. I chosed the second alternative.

Before main dish we eat the soup. Usually it is lunch. Bon appetite for your eyes! :))

Voilá! Yippee on the dish! :)

If you have some questions, shoot! Don't worry, I don't bite... just little bit. ;)

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  • Wow Daniela, only the pics are enough, nice recipes!

    • Thanks Elen :) I am glad you overeated on my photos :D

  • Daniiiiii :-)

    Thank you for sharing this recipes! Great perfect superb :-D I  should cook rajskou.. thanx for reminding me of it and btw next time m here with svíčková :-D hope you enjoyed your lunch :-)

    • :D Luci, it was my pleasure to be finally active here. Anyway, I think that rajská will be for not only lunch, but lunches :D :D If you know what I mean, LOL.

      Anyway, dunno how others will gaze on cow's meat, hehe :D And thanks! :))

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