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Goulash - typical Czech food

Hello guys,

here I am coming with the first recipe I decided to post here. We will cook - GOULASH.

It is a typical Czech dish, you can come across almost in every restaurant apart from these for vegetarians. Sooo people who prefer vegetarian food .. cl

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Tomato sauce + broth by Czech cow

Hi folks,

I would like you to introduce, how you can guess from the title, the tomato sauce that is made from bouillon alias soup made from water, vegetable, meat, and so on... :)

Firstly it could be great to say it is my first potato sauce ever withou

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Raw Salmon - delicious dish

Hello my friends,

today I would like to share one very interesting recipe I came across maybe one year ago and since the first moment I had tasted it, I felt in love with it. It is VERY easy to prepare it and it is nothing time-taking. Sooo.... here w

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easy food

I have interest in learning cooking easy but tasty food. Sometimes there are days I feel tired of regular food. So, in these days I want to try something different or exotic. Im sure in every culture and community there are recipes that are easy and

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