It's the group that joins every dreamer person...would you like to join?? Here you can share with us your dreams...small or big one...every dream you reached or not yet...let's enjoy time in our dream team and learn together... ^_^

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The song and my dream

  Like Mother, Like Son by TEFLTara on Storybird

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  • Dear Halima, what a nice group! Thanks a lot for the invitation.
  • "the future  belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams..." hope all your dreams come true .thnx dear  halima for inviting me to your group :)).i have the pleasure to join you
  • Thanks DG for the invitation:)

    Congrats for ur group.

    Am not sure if am a dreamer :S its strange isn't it but I do fear to dream cuz I know some dreams are only dreams and I don't want to be disappointed. Am I pessimistic or too realistic?:(

  • How are you dreamers ;)
  • I will miss you my dreamy girl. but you didn't tell who's the baby in your avatar ?? Masha Allah ! she is really cute. I want to eat her :D

  • ok DG ;) I'll tel him now ! ^_^

  • Wow. You did it very well DG. But what about creating "page" on facebook too? I think it is much better than group. What do you think ?

    Thanks for creating such lovely group ^_^

  • I recommend you Dreamer Girl to manage a page on facebook about our group "Dream Team" It will be a great one. I'm sure of that. What do you think ?? :)
  • lol Karenina i see just woman hands :D where are boys in ur Dream Team :D
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