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This Group will Make You Familiar to  Vocabulary Words From Day To Day Life Moreover You Will Be Posting Your Sentence Framing & Forming Task With the Daily Vocabulary Task and Eventually Your Vocabulary will improve as well your sentence structure and Grammar with It . GoodLuck ! :)

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  • Hi. I' m new here. I like this group
  • hi, I hope this group improve my English.i think that ,s beneficial group.

  • Hi I like this group..Good for improving english.

  • As soon as = quickly (as possible)

    such as = for example

  • Hi! I like groups that improve my english.♡good group♡
  • Hello friends, I just wanted to improve my vocabulary.. Good thing I found this group.
  • Hi
    Friends I m new here
    I think this group is usefull bcoz my vocabu is poor
    Thanx for accept me as friend
  • Hello Mustafa Ali, you are most welcome here in this group.  Try to learn new words posted here. You may also post the new words you come to know.

    Same as for you Soraya.

  • Hi everyone,how this group works?

  • I'm new here any greet for me

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Impel. : Force or urge somebody to do somethingThe dictionary examples:-Impelled by feelings of guilt, John wrote to apologize.-I felt impelled to investigate the matter further.My examples :-Reading some blogs impelled me to write a similar one.-My mother'sadvices always impel me to be a hard-worker.

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