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This Group will Make You Familiar to  Vocabulary Words From Day To Day Life Moreover You Will Be Posting Your Sentence Framing & Forming Task With the Daily Vocabulary Task and Eventually Your Vocabulary will improve as well your sentence structure and Grammar with It . GoodLuck ! :)

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  • Flashy: ostentatiously attractive or impressive. Sentence: He is a flashy man. It’s not a question of whether he will get the most fancy car, only when and how many.
  • Complacency: a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements.
  • I joined this group to improve my english skills

  • woodnote
    1. a wild or natural musical tone, as that of aforest bird.

  • sophrosyne


    moderation; discretion; prudence.

  • I like this group. I joined this group for improving my vocabulary.

  • Hello Everyone If you want to learn some Grammar -You may Join my Grammar Group On Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/EnglishGrammerWorld/

    Exercise English
    This Group Will Ensure that the Learners get to know and learn all English Skills and their Proper Use in Real Life. Invite your Friends to this gro…
  • Presume vs. Assume

    Comments When do you presume, and when do you assume? These two words are often used interchangeably, likely because they come from the same Latin root and are used in similar contexts. However, there are subtle differences in meaning between the two.

    Today we put all assumptions aside, and get to the bottom presume and assume.

    Both of these terms mean “to take for granted” or “suppose,” but presume conveys a little more confidence based on probability, reasonable grounds, or evidence.

    Assume is to take for granted without proof. In other words, something you presume is more likely to be true than something you assume.

    Both terms derive from the Latin sūmere meaning “to take up.” The Latin assūmere means “to take to oneself; adopt.” Praesūmere, incorporating the prefix prae- meaning “before,” means “to take upon oneself beforehand; to anticipate.”

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Impel. : Force or urge somebody to do somethingThe dictionary examples:-Impelled by feelings of guilt, John wrote to apologize.-I felt impelled to investigate the matter further.My examples :-Reading some blogs impelled me to write a similar one.-My mother'sadvices always impel me to be a hard-worker.

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