Let's Create The ABC's Of Creativity!


We're going to build a an alphabetical list called The ABC's of creativity.

It contains your opinions, quotes, about what makes you a creative mind.

So let's get started!

I'll try first:

A - Active

I think that I can't be a crative person if I'm not active.. Every achievement is an idea at the begining, but with no activity the idea will be ended.

B - Balanced

In my opinion, balance is very important to make me a creative mind.

A healthy body, clearheaded mind, well-being human can't creat ideas?

C - Confident

I have self confidence, then I trust that I can create and achieve my ideas. Feel a small doubt in your capabilities and the idea will go and never come back again!


It's your turn now.. who would start the "D"?


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    • Hahaha! Funny but interesting! Thanks Togrul! I guess you're somehow right!

      I prefer the word Updated as an adjective describing the creative person.. So it belongs to "U".. U - Updated.

       You can also choose any other letter to continue the list.


  • D ....... Dependence 

    Because to be more social and let people know that we need them always although we had a lot of scientific resources but we need to know more in all life's specialists by all methods that life can give it to use it  in order to reach what we want easily :)

    • Thanks Reliance for the answer, I apologize, I just wanna understand more, how can I be creative when I'm depender on other persons mothods.. Doesn't that make some limitations?! I agree with you that others experiences are beneficial for us to learn, but to create new ideas? Is it important?

  • Right bro! Attentive mind statue comes after an clearhanded mind, I can also call it an empty mind, as Bruce Lee says in his quotation. Meditation is a way for me to empty my minds, and then I can be attentive and I'll get inspired..

    I think this is the "I - Inspired"! :P

    The "B - Broadness" is very good.. You don't have to add the "C", you can add any other letter..
     The "E" for example! :D

  • D - Dialectic

    I compare opposite characteristics and features of an idea: advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons. That's one possibility to find out if it's good or not, if I can persue it or if I have to drop it.

    • Oh yes! That's very important, and also to gain time and effort.. In big companies, it's necessary to get the idea or the solution in a real time!

    • Not only in big companies, but also in a small group or club (as the Judo Club I preside). Or when planning a school or training lesson...

    • Wow! You preside a Judo Club! Do you teach Judo also? I wish I can be there! I like self defending sports! :D

    • Yes... and yes, I teach two groups of children. One at the age from 4 to 7 years old, the other at the age from 7 to 10 years old. You find it on the www, but it's all in German... www.shindokan-luzern.ch

      Do you practise self-defence?

    • 2394223936?profile=originalAha! In German.. I can see your name their though! :D

      No, unfortunately I don't! :( But I would join a club like yours one day..

      I know that good things take time and if there is a will, there is a way! ;)

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