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From the important ways to meet creative minds is to make a group joining them. We're here to use our minds creatively.. You're here to share any new idea of you, simple it was or complex,you're here to give any personal advice you think it's beneficial for learning or in different topic of life.
It's time for you to be an intellectual mind and write your quotes with your own!

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  • Hi! How are you? I am a new member here.
  • hi

  • every person has ability to reflect creativity in particular area . it is that person responsibility to search ur own area

  • Explore.

    If you looking for inspiration in different places you find new ways to create. Go out your comfort zone en explore what the world has to offer you.
  • tanks camelia. i will do wt you share here

  • Hello Vijay!

    My first advice for you is to encourage yourself to speak English through recording your voice, here in MyEC we have a group called Audio Speaking Group. You can practice with friends and record stories, news or even songs, and teachers or other members will help you and correct for you.

    If you are from Videos lovers, check the Video Speaking Group to watch some examples of members created videos of their own speaking English. They say hello, tell their stories or sing songs with lyrics on screen. You can find some guides of MyEC created by Tara Benwell, the Admin and the great teacher of MyEc. So don't hesitate and try just for once!

  • Camella Am Vijay from Kerala ,India. Actually I decided to start an English club at my place where people have no confidence to speak English without hesitation. I believe that nobody can speak any oral language without open one's mouth. So I wish to start an English club to share my idea & encourage them to speak English  confidently. Before doing so I decided to surf on net for any similar activity. Fortunately I could find this site & I couldn't believe that there have an activity for making people in a commanding stage to  speak english. So I request you to share your ideas about making a live English club at my place. with regards Vijay

  • Hello and welcome to every new comer to our group.. Feel free and try to join any discuss you like, or create any discussion you think it's good and beneficial!

  • Very nice group! Thanks a lot for inviting me! great to be here!

  • Hello Camila,

     Thanks for your nice invitation best wishes 

         And it's my pleasure to join here :)2385703903?profile=original

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Creativity - mother of all creations

`To create` some thing by self is one of the most motivating factors for us. When we create a solution to given problem, we are at the peak of happiness. Mother earth is creative and so do we. The history of human so far has been full of creations, we have created languages, subjects, nations, experiments, remedies to diseases, facilities, machines and what not? A creative person, though looks impatient, has a great power. It all starts with an idea, taking a shape of a concept, resulting into…

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Which Step Have You Reached Today?

Leave « I will, If only and Perhaps.. » Puzzle: What is the only thing that decreases whenever it increases?!Solution: Should I say? Or you’ll tell me?              Ok, Just read the mirror!It's said that procrastination is the thief not only of time, but also of life. Don't you know that time is life, friend?If yes, then why you hesitate and delay what you want to do? Every achievement whatever it takes (long or small period) is actually a set of steps or small achievements, exactly as a…

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Creative Time Management Solutions?

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” William Penn        All of us know how time is extremely important in our life, without it our life can't be organized and productive.. But sometimes when we use some plans to manage our time we feel like we're ruled by the clock!         In your opinion, what are the best time management solutions, that help us to manage our time without feeling being too stuck to the clock? 

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Show Your Creative Fingers!

Peace!This part of discussion is devoted for your creations, dear creative mind!I was impressed by Maggie's handmade on wood. The artful sculpturing of maggie was inspired from river waves.. The idea came to her mind.. A beautiful abstruct image was created and sent to her pretty fingers.. Finally, here we have "My Wave" of magic maggie!What about you? Have you ever been inspired? Have you ever imagined that your fingers are a gift from God, to form such nice creations? Please! Show us your…

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