Oh hi there! This group was created in order to improve language skills in unusual, funny and thematic way! As well as you can think that this is your BRAIN GYM - a place where you can exercise your thinking abilities and imagination.                                                  I welcome all people who want to join it  but you must obey rule number 1: free your mind and your power of imagination! The second rule is if you join this group, please, be active! No, you HAVE TO BE ACTIVE! And no exceptions! Welcome! :-) 

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  • Ali , welcome and join us in discussions!:)
  • Thanks for joining this group
  • Eva, thanks for joining this group! Let's try!) 

  • AG, be an active reader :D

  • Yes, I joint... but no, I am not active... if it's not allowed, I will withdraw myself from here :|

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    Welcome! The main aim of this group is to learn English in a funny  and creative way. I want to make a bank of ideas, interesting tasks and useful discussions that can develop our skills of all types and can help those who teach others! Let's free our minds, switch on our imagination and start our trip!

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Writing challenge: "A beautiful mind"

Hey - hey :)Today we start our second writing challenge for those who need to improve their writing skills.And the topic is "A beautiful mind: the person I admire a lot". As usual, the challenge is finished this Sunday. If you need corrections, send it directly to me or publish it here. So don't be lazy and inactive and conquer this mountain called "English" ;)p.s. it will be great to see beautiful minds by your eyes :)

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Who can tell me the intended meaning of this poem?

The Null Dull Doll Any ‘quiet a doll’ can come onstage todayMany will call her an artiste the following day Gone are the days the actress playedSong of the genuine world’s parade Doll was a doll and a woman was a womanCall was humane and soul was solemn A synthetic name and a white-washed doll would sufficeTo call it a play and to break the local box office When the maker makes the opposite of the fakeThen the null dull doll will flee for God’s sake  Dayan Pasquel

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Agatha Christoph is a retired schoolteacher in a beautiful little town in New England. She never married and has no children, so her friends are everything to her. That’s why when her best friend, Martha, is blackmailed with vague threats about some risqué photos from Martha’s youth, Agatha jumps to the rescue. But Martha’s youth was a LONG time ago.Who could have those photos?And what could they possibly want?Continue the story :) 

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:) A welcome post 2.0

Hello, friends :)Thanks for remembering this group. It was our first place where we started our games and cute linguistic activities. As you remember, I created this group not only to share and improve our knowledge of English but also for developing teaching skills and enriching your ESL-methods. So let me remind you one more time. We have also a Facebook group so join us there and it will be nice to see you there:https://www.facebook.com/groups/523088041184505/By the way I decided to re-start…

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