• Hello Aya Yeah of course, because I'm from baghdad
    It's so nice and every 6 months mving to there for a week or 2 
    the nature is so magical there 

    • Hi :) that is cool yeah there is alot of people from Baghdad that come to Kurdistan ,,, I used to visit baghadad but now becous of the dangerous situation I cant visit Baghdad I wish someday the sitiuaton will change so I can visit Baghdad again enshalla  

  • I know little about Kurdistan. Can you teach us?

    • yeah sure ,,, Kurdistan is 4 parts part in seria part in iran part in turkey and finally the part I live in which is in Iraq well I can say that I don't know a lot about the other parts coz I didn't vesit them but I can tell u about  the part I live in its agreat and have a lot of nice palaces to see specially in spring we all speak Kurdish her and Kurdish people are friendly for more information u can write Kurdistan in google so it tells u a lot about us I wish I could tell u something that helped u to know something about Kurdistan ,,, thanks

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