Hi, if you need to sharpen your spoken English and if you would like to share your conversation with others, this will be a chance for you. If there any corrections in your conversation others will help you to discover your mistake.
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office talk

A:Yesterday's committee meeting was so boring.It went on and on.

B:why,what happened?

A:The president-that smart guy,went on talking so much I thought he'll never stop!

A:Why didn't the Vice President stop him?

B:She tried her best,but he just ignored her.

A:Anyway what on earth was he going on about?

B:About us - how incompetent,lazy and hopeless we are!

A:really I thought he liked us.




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  • Dear Nadira

    Thank you for inviting me for this group, it like very use full group for me.

    All the best,

  • thanks this is very nice group i wish we improve our english here and help with each other2381278838?profile=original
  • thank u so much for invitation dear Nadira !

    mimi i'm very happy to joing like this conversation!

  • --- Rajesh ------

    Good luck to your exam... Keep it up!

  • Hmmm, seems very useful :) Nadira, thank You very much for invitation and special respect to creator of this group, Nimmi!
  • Thank you Nimmi for creating such group, hope we will improve our  English a lot from this group. Friends please share your conversation here... and please please ple.......rectify our error here......

    I'll be back here after my exam.... (1 April)...


  • Hi daer Nadira thanks for inviting2381277128?profile=original
  • :) It is wonderful group do make the best of it . All the best :)
  • I'm glad to join the group.
  • HI Madam Nadira thanks for inviting me to join this group ...........
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