• Hey  I had a hearty  laugh when Mr Smith's dentures came down.


    Yes it was a sight amidst lectures




    hee hee

  • Girl 1 (holding a skateboard): My friend, I have something to tell you and please don't reveal it to any of our classmates because they will be mad at me.

    Girl 2 (holding a book) : What is it? I won't tell anybody about what you will tell me now.

    Girl 1: While some of our boy classmates were resting after skating, I took the skateboard without asking their permission. They didn't have knowledge that it's with me now.I think they are all looking for it.

    Girl 2: What? they are looking for it now.

    Girl 1: Yes. hahahaha..

    • ha ha ha.nice Rosemie.

      you can say 'they don't know about it" or "they don't have any idea about that"

      other than telling "they didn't have knowledge"

    • Thanks Nimmi.
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    • hi,Hameed!

      you can say "now she came back","while all her class mates were attending the class"

      Nice story.

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