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Hi, friends!

Being an English teacher I have a lot of useful material for this group. I will be posting everyday dialogues here and you may ask me any questions. Hope, it will be helpful.

So, here is the first one:


 I got a new computer

Bill: I got a new computer yesterday.

Robert: You got a new computer?

Bill: Yes, a new notebook computer.

Robert: Why didn't you get a desktop computer?

Bill: The notebook is light, and has a battery, so I can use it anywhere. I can use it on the train or the bus.

Robert: Isn't the keyboard too small to use?

Bill: It's compact, but I'll get used to it.

Robert: I think large keyboards are easier to use than small ones. Also, desktop computers are more powerful than notebooks.

Bill: That's true, but my notebook computer is powerful enough for me.

Robert: Aren't notebooks more expensive than desktop computers?

Bill: Yes, desktop computers are usually less expensive, but notebook computers are portable. I can use my notebook in any room, and when I'm done, I can put it away. You can't put away a desktop computer .

Robert: That's true, but my desktop computer doesn't take too much space. It's an iMac.

Bill: That's a cool computer. I bet my Windows notebook was cheaper than your iMac

Robert: You get what you pay for.

Bill: Funny.


You can also say "laptop" (notebook) and just "desktop"

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  • Hello Tanya. I still confuse about the usage of got/have/had....good conversation there.tq:) When do we use" have got"? pretty dizzy here :(

  • Hi, friends! Here is a dialogue about how to make business calls and how to behave during the conversation. There are also some useful expressions at the end. If some of them are not clear, just ask for explanations. So, here you are!




    Boris Rudakov: Good morning (good afternoon). Could I talk to Mr.Wood?

    Secretary: He’s not in right now. Who is calling, please?

    B.R.: Here is Boris Rudakov. I have got a letter from Mr.Wood asking me to call him for an interview appointment. He has my resume.

    S: I see. Mr.Wood is out for lunch right now (at the meeting right now) but I expect him back very shortly.

    B.R.: (At) what time would you suggest me to call back?

    S: He is usually  back to the office about two o’clock. It might be better if I have him call you. What’s your telephone number?

    B.R.: (718) 459-3243.

    S: Thank you, Mr.Rudakov. As soon as he is back he will return your call.

    B.R.: Thank you.

    S: Bye.

              * * *

    Secretary: Good morning (good afternoon). Could I talk to Peter Orlov?

    Peter Orlov: Speaking.

    S: Here is Mary Thomas from Metro Data Control. I’m Mr.Dillon’s Secretary. He’s interested in your letter and resume and would like to see you.

    P.O.: Great. I would like  to talk to him very much.

    S: Let’s set up an interview appointment.

    P.O.: Okay.

    S: How about tomorrow at 10 A.M.?

    P.O.: That’s O.K. with me.

    S: We are located at 516 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor. Do you know how to get there?

    P.O.: Yes, I hope so. I guess I can take the F train. Where should I get off?

    S: You should get off at 42nd Street. It is within  walking distance from there. It will take you not more than five minutes to get to our place.

    P.O.: Would you mind repeating the address, please?

    S: 516 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor. Ask for personnel.

    P.O.: Thank you.

    S: You are welcome. See you tomorrow morning.



    Useful expressions


    Do you follow me?

    Are you with me?

    Will you leave a message?

    Can I take your message?

    I’ll call you right back.

    There’s a telephone call for you.

    Don’t speak so fast.

    May I use your telephone?

    Please, dial again.

    Could you speak a bit louder? I can’t hear you.

    You have dialed a wrong number.

    What number are you calling?

    What number have you dialed?

    What’s your extension?

    Please, pick up the receiver.

    I’m calling from a pay phone.

    I am calling about.....

    Somebody has hung up.

    The telephone is out of order.

    My office number is…

    My home number is…

    I’m returning your phone call.


    • Hello Tanya

      Thank you for this post & made me know about this post.


      What I did not get. Could you please explain or give other way to say this.

      Red mark I did not get.

      Secretary: He’s not in right now.

      S: He is usually  back to the office about two o’clock. It might be better if I have him call you. What’s your telephone number?


      Here, dialogue for me is what I reply to your dialogue so please also correct where needed. I have always problem with commas.


    • Dear Rajesh! The first sentence means that he is out (not at place) now.

      The second sentence means "if I ask him to call you".

      Any other questions?

      Have a nice day!

    • Thank you very much
  • Hi, friends! Here is one more dialogue useful when you travel.



    Mr.Borisov: Good afternoon. I'd like to check in.

    Reception Clerk: Do you have a reservation with us?

    B.: Yes, I do. I made a reservation by phone last night.  

    R.C.: Your name, please?

    B.: Gregory Borisov from San Francisco.

    R.C.: Would you spell your last name, please?

    B.: «B» as in «Billy», «O» as in «Oscar», «R» as in «Robert», «I» as in «Irene», «S» as in «Sam», «O» as in «Oscar», «V» as in «Victor».

    R.C.: Okay. Let me see. You have a reservation for a single room. Is that correct?

    B.: Perfectly correct.

    R.C.: Have you already decided how many nights to stay?

    B.: At least until Wednesday. But I may stay longer than that. When  should I inform you about it?

    R.C.: Let us know about your decision Tuesday night. You can give us a ring until 11 P.M.

    B.: All right. What's the price of the room?

    R.C.: 75 dollars per night. Please fill  out the registration card. Print your name and home address.

    B.: Should I sign my name?

    R.C.: Put your signature right here. – Okay. Will you pay cash or by credit card?

    B.: By credit card. Do you need it right now?

    R.C.: You can give me your credit card before checking out.

    B.: By the way, what's the check-out time?

    R.C.: One o'clock in the afternoon.

    B.: Thank you. I have some additional questions.

    R.C.: I'll be glad to answer them.

    B.: What about room service?

    R.C.: Room service is available from           6 A.M. to 10 P.M. You can dial your order from the telephone in your room.

    B.: Where is your restaurant?

    R.C.: The restaurant is on the 25th 1) floor. We also have a coffee shop. It's right here in the lobby.

    B.: Thank you for the information.

    R.C.: You are welcome. A bellboy will help you with your luggage. Your room is No.1215. Enjoy your stay.

    B.: Thanks.


    • Thank you Tanya. I'm awaiting for another one.
  • oh! how I gonna miss these useful posts.

    Thanks a lot Tanya for being with us on EC.

    • Hi, Rajesh! I am always glad to be helpful
  • Hi, friends! Here is one more dialogue about reservations. I hope, you will find it useful.



    Embassy Hotel, Chicago: Embassy Hotel. Good morning. My name is Doris Morgan. Can I help you?

    Anatoly Petrovsky: Good morning. I'm calling from New York. I'd like to have a reservation for next Monday. My name is Anatoly Petrovsky.

    Doris Morgan: We have a several hotels in Chicago. Which area are you interested in?

    A.P.: I prefer downtown.

    D.M.: All right. Do you want a single or a double room?

    A.P.: A single room, please.

    D.M.: Okay, Mr.Petrovsky.

    A.P.: Is it a front room or back room?

    D.M.: It’s a front room. But our hotel is located on a quiet street.

    A.P.: What’s the price of this room per day?

    D.M.: Seventy dollars . How long are you expecting to stay?

    A.P.: I’ll be staying for a week. Will the room be reserved for me? Okay?

    D.M.: You are all set. Could I have your telephone number?

    A.P.: (212) 431-2211. I’ll pay by credit card.

    D.M.: See you next week, Mr.Petrovsky. Thank you for calling us.

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