• A : Please come help me, my wife will give birth to a baby now ...

    B : Congratulations, your wife there?

    A : at home..

    B : where are your home at  ?

    A : My home is in town...

    B : How do I come to your house?
    A :
    drive a car...

    B : ?????

    wowowowow ~~~~

    A : Sir, my wife had birthed a baby now.

    B :Thanks you for calling the paranoia help-line, please hold while your call is traced...

    • hi Belize

      I think one thing must be correct like this"where is your home" because we are talking about the house.that is single.and also you can say"how can I come to your house","you can come by car"

    • Thanks for your advice and remember in my  mind...

      - Belize -

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