To Be Awake

I was searching for new and attractive blogs that I came across Salim's. The topic is sort of related to my group's title, so I decided to share my comment in a separate discussion in my group which needs more discussions and replies to refresh!


Here is what I said :


The more you're awake, the more your sleep is peaceful and enjoyable.

It refers to the fact that when you're dead tired, you sleep so easily without being aware or putting lots of effort! I've experienced it. It works.


The sentence can have "side" meanings if you look beyond the superficial meaning of the words expressed.


My interpret: If you believe in the hereafter, you can go beyond the words. The more you try in this world, the more you'll be at peace when your soul is out of your body;free. Isn't it so?

Thus, the more you try to keep yourself awake to see the realities beyond the surface; the more your mind and soul do the virtues; the more you help yourself, the more you'll gain, really.


Have a nice time



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