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Share Your favorite Idiom(s) :) 

Head and shoulders above [the others/the rest etc.]

Much better than other similar people or things He's a head and shoulders above the other actors in the film. 
When you think back on the other writers of this period,

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Hi guys! That's me again :) And another new topic!

  • There is a saying "To have a good friend, you need to be a good friend."
    • How can you be a good friend?
  • What do you usually do with your friends?


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Hello guys! I hope You are still interested in being part of this group. 

Here are some questions to talk about

  • Did you have any hobbies when you were a child?
  • Can you think of any hobbies which are popular with children and adults?
  • Which hobbies are the

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Some ideas on what to chat about.


How about you put a plan on how to chat ( speak about). Offcourse you chose what every subject you like to talk about but at the end you have to emprove your speaking in all the areas that you think you are week at.


Lets say you chat 1 hour a day in

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