Some ideas on what to chat about.


How about you put a plan on how to chat ( speak about). Offcourse you chose what every subject you like to talk about but at the end you have to emprove your speaking in all the areas that you think you are week at.


Lets say you chat 1 hour a day in 5 days. How about making one day talking about the past, memories, history, things would had been better if you had done in the past ..Etc.


Then another day you speak about your present or things are happening now in our world.


Then a day about the Future, Your future, your country future, your dreams the you want to accomplish, your goals, things you wanna do.


My friends, the last two days, you can combined all those three together, so you can go from period to another while speaking. This will much improve your speaking in many ways.


Make a list of things you want to talk about. Prepare some phrases, use them in the right time of a conversation. By time you will be so creative.


I hope you find my topic useful :)

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