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Here are some questions to talk about

  • Did you have any hobbies when you were a child?
  • Can you think of any hobbies which are popular with children and adults?
  • Which hobbies are the most popular in your country?

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  • Hi Aija!

    I think everyone had many hobbies. When I was a child, my hobbies are growing flowers and reading commics.

    My grandfather had a big gardern, I often helped him to grow some beautiful flowers, such as roses, sunflowers, and so on. I was very happy when I saw many colors in the gardern. Therefore, today, I still keep my hobby, growing flowers. I love flowers very much.

    I also like reading commics. When I was a child, my mother knew that I liked comics, so she gave me many comics as a gilf in my birthday. I thought those were the best meaningful gilf that I had ever been received. Comics helped me to have more fun, and It also provided me with many meaningful knowledge that needed for me in my life. That's why I liked reading comics.

    I think there are many popular hobbies. Children like drawing, reading commics, watching cartoons, playing game, listening to music for children, and so on. Adults like reading books, collecting stamps, going fishing, playing sports, writing, listening to music, and so on. Many hobbies for us to choose. When we grow up, our hobbies may be change, but sometimes, we still keep our hobbies that we interested in in the past.

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