• Am I really funny ?haha... I should have done my comment last night ,but it's not 10:30pm. until I came back to my drom,I haven't enough time to do this, school stop supplying electricity at 11:00pm you know.
    I's surprise that you have similar situation just like I have ,sometimes it's really bother me ,especially when it is winter ,cold!!!
    I think Emily and Joah can be good friend ,maybe Emily would like to take the invitation in her deep mind ,she just care what others think about her.But as long as she say yes and go to the party ,the classmates maybe go to the party,too.After get along with Joan ,Emily find Joan is a nice person ,she just isn't good at express her feelings and emotions ,they became good friend eventually ,and so close that making others envied.
    But on the other hand ,I think Joan is admirable ,she can everything on her own, we can't do things
    perfect without others' favour sometimes .I don't know weather she can work out an perfect job or not ,but I sure that she is an independent person .Have you heard the words :Your solitude is your pride,even if you failed.this is the title of a book in Chinese :ni de gu du ,sui bai you rong.
    • Okay, so you did decide to post another comment, Katherine! Thank you. I am not replying in the normal way as it was done after class (I did reply to your first comment!). Well, it's not that I find you funny as such, but the way you told the story about the angels on your shoulders was quite funny and I had a good chuckle! So, maybe you can be funny sometimes (which is a good thing as humour is good for us)! No, I don't know that book (as it is in Chinese of course!). Maybe one can be alone and be somehow proud of it, but I don't think being lonely can make one proud! Better to have friends! Mother Teresa said, "loneliness is the most terrible poverty"; I think she's right! :)

  • oh,I am sorry that . But I know what your says . And I have a try for it. But when I want to change this , I am failing. So unfounterly I noly to reply another one...... For this, I am also have the don't understand.
    • Please ask Guo Hongtai; I can see she understands this system! :)

  • If I were Emily,I will come to attende the Christmas party to reduse Joan's loneliness.And I will sugesst my classmate to come as far as possible.After all,I think it's so difficuld to pluck up her courage for such a shy girl.And Emily can be her close friends I think.she can encourage her to be outgoing and communicate with others.In my opinion,my bigest bad habits is careless.So i always remind myself to be careful in daily life.This shortcoming can bring me many troublesome.I will make up my mind to overcome it.
    • Okay Men Yaqiong, now that you have done your comment, you can go and have lunch! Why do you wait till last to make your comment?! Okay, I know I said as long as it is done before the class, but don't you think you will give a better comment if you do it a day before the class? Okay, you decide what is best for you! Oh, and you think being careless is a bad habit? Really?! Maybe you are right; I've never thought about it this way. I hope you will overcome that habit (if you are still in battle with it)!

  • Xu yang?he may sometimes has a temper,but frankly,I do not kown him deeply and didn't see anything about TEMPER.Through his QQ zone(an online APP like microblog but only friends can see),I think he's really that kind of the guy U think. At last,it's fine with me to bring my computer. :)
    • Haha, thanks for the computer; about Xu Yang ... I think he can't have such a bad temper; he's too young for that! :)

  • If I were Emily and have nothing to do on saturday ,I would go to the party.Joan is so timid and shy,she dared to make friends with others,so she is alone.Emily's friends isn't honest,they should tell joan the truth that they don't like to make friends with joan.As for the bad habits, I think it exists in everyone.For example I like to study while watch TV or film at the same time and I like read books in the bed even if I know it is bed for me eye.In my opinion,we should change our bad habits which will influent us in our future.
    • Zhang Tianjiao, why do you wait till this time to comment?! Why don't you also do it the day before? I guess you forgot again, right?! I know you have time till just before the class, but don;t you think your comment would have been better if you have done it earlier?! Okay, it's your decision. You are right about them not being honest. One should always stand for truth, regardless of the consequences. I wonder if they would always be honest to Emily, or to themselves? I think they are all fair-weather friends (as long as you are popular, good looking, etc, they would be friends). Really; do we all have bad habits?! I also like to watch TV (with the sound turned off!) when I study; maybe that's not such a good habit! But, I too love reading in bed; that can't be such a bad habit! Come on! ;-)

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