2014b: Week 9b: Thursday, 6 November 2014

(1) Discussion: World teachers' Day

(2) Role plays: You are making a movie similar to Stories from Romania and are interviewing your partner who will be the protagonist (lead player) in your movie. You may use some of the questions in Activity 6 of the Stories from Romania worksheet, but you can also use your own questions.

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  • Hello,John.I read the content just now.To be honest,this is the first time that there is a world teachers' day every year.I only know our country's teacher's day is on September 10th every year.I think teacher has deep effect on the students.When I was in high school,our teacher was very strict with us,and we all very vexed him.But because of this,we formed good habits.I believe that all the teachers are really want their students be better,although their methods may be wrong sometimes.
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    • I guess you're right, Mary, that most teachers are strict because they'd like their students to do well and adopt good habits in life. But of course, some teachers would also fail their students. Hopefully such relationships would be restored, or their failures wouldn't have had negative affects on the students. Teachers are unfortunately human too and can make mistakes (as long as they can admit mistake and learn from it).

  • Hi,teacher.I think the teacher who impressive me most was my primray school teacher.She looked younger than her age and taught me three years.My parents also know her and they like her.In my memory,she wasn't always gentle but many students like her.I don't know why I like her so much,maybe because she was my first teacher,maybe because she taught me so long.But I  think the best answer is in my heart,she is a real teacher.Before I go to colleage,I didn't want to be a teacher beacause I think this job was boring and hard.But now sometimes I think be a teacher is a happy thing,you can spread knowledge and tell the truth.While become a great teacher is really hard.I have read some articles about about teachers.Some students was disliked by their classmates,teachers even their parents because they didn't have a good grades.So they tend to feel inferior and be lonely.Then school came a new teacher,she changed lonely students with kind and justice.A famous movie called Les Chorisetes also tells a similar story.It proves the importance of teacher.In China,the most famous teacher is Confucius.I also think Plato and Aristotle were great teachers.

    • Haha Hou Yan, my first teacher also taught me for around three years and I loved her so much! Maybe because they were our first teachers! But I guess they cared enough for us and we could feel that in our hearts. Students know when teachers care, I am sure! Yes, it may be easy to become a teacher, but to give your best always and become a better teacher can be quite challenging; you are right. About those big names (Confucius, Plato and Aristotle), I'm not sure whether they were such caring and loved teachers as they were brilliant and great intellectuals! Such brilliant brains often have no people skills and can be quite insensitive to people's needs; but I guess that is not important now! ;-)

  • Good evening,teacher.Next class,we will first learn some new words and discuss about the World Teacher's Day. I think being a teacher is a very glorious thing.Teachers play an important role in our learning and whole life. They not only teach us knowledge,but also tell us how to behave and how to distinguish right and wrong.From my childhood,I have met many teachers.I think being a teacher needs many important characters.They need to have more patience than other jobs.They need to be more careful about their behavior because it may influence their students.About gift for the teacher,I think it is a appreciate for the teacher's devotion on the students.A sincere gift is more valuable than an expensive gift,I think. The second part of the class is a role play.We will have questions to ask our parteners just like making a movie. That's all.See you tomorrow.
    • Congrats, Liu Yufan, your comment was done quite early tonight! Good example; now you can go to bed earlier without worrying about an outstanding EC comment! ;-)

      I agree with you that teachers should not only teach knowledge about subjects. Parents are so busy these days that they don't all get to the responsibility of educating their children about life. Though it would always remain the duty of the parents, the reality is that teachers have to fulfil that part of a child's upbringing too. So, the teaching profession has become a more responsible job as ever before. I personally don't think teachers should receive any gifts from students or parents as it is open for abuse. A sincere 'thank you' should be enough! :)

  • Hi,teacher, I have to say ,last class ,i am so happy,because in the end you make us so surprise.thank you give us an interesting class.and I have read the content next class,first,we will discuss teachers'day,as to teacher,i think i am very admire and appreciate them,they play an important role in my study and life as a teacher or mather(father),in my hign school, my chinese teacher have  the greatest influence on me.He is very strict in my study, but outside the classroom is very concerned about us, he  give us a big power, inspire us to learn.So I thank him very much .In my summer vacation, I had the privilege of having a class for the first student as a teacher, I really feel the teacher's hardships but happiness, sometimes, I really want to be a teacher like my mother.Because I think it is a  sacred profession.and finally,i have to say you are an very responsible and interesting teacher,Thank you for teaching us english.I am looking forward to next class.see you.

    • Oh, I am thrilled to learn that some students have enjoyed the last class, Amy! I wasn't sure whether it would go off well as I had to make some changes at the beginning due to some absent classmates. There was therefore one group short. But listening to you, it appears that it didn't go too bad! My only concern is that the lesson (game) must have assisted the students to practice their language; if it did, then I would be satisfied (despite still too much talking in Chinese ..). I am glad to read that you also had a wonderful and inspirational teacher in high school. Teachers can shape our lives, but some can also ruin it. I wouldn't however refer to their profession as sacred, but that it is probably the most important profession in today's world, I think we can't deny. Interesting you say ... that sounds .. er .. interesting! ;-)

  • Good afternoon, John!I have known the content of the next class.Next class we will talk about the World Teacher's Day.To be honest,I respect every teachers.My grandfather and my mother are both high school Chinese teacher, so before I was in primary school  they had taught knownledge to me.I think since I went to school I meet each teacher is conscientious, they are very love me. But the teacher I respect most is my high school Mathematics teacher . He is 51 years old, he is very strict to us when we didn't test good exam. But when we bullied by others he would help us. High school maths is difficult, when I ask him questions he is always very patient to me and I miss my teachers.All the teachers are great and selfless, what they do is to let us become better and more outstanding.Thank you,my teachers~

    • Happy for you that you had good teachers at school, Pauline (specially that Maths teacher). I agree that teachers should be very patient with their students. Patience is one of my shortcomings and I fail in that area terribly (as you have witnessed ..). But you are right also that teachers should also be selfless, and I think their students should always come first (of course after their husbands or wives and own children, but before anyone or anything else). :)

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