2014b: Week 9b: Thursday, 6 November 2014

(1) Discussion: World teachers' Day

(2) Role plays: You are making a movie similar to Stories from Romania and are interviewing your partner who will be the protagonist (lead player) in your movie. You may use some of the questions in Activity 6 of the Stories from Romania worksheet, but you can also use your own questions.

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  • My first English teacher when I was in grade 3 in primary school had a bad influence on me ,beacuse she is very strict and make the English class very boring.At that time, I was afraid to go to English class.I don't want to be a teacher, I think it is very tired. Most teachers are patient and responsibility. Teachers and parents are all hope we can live well in future. For me , I respect the teachers. They give us knowledge, life skills and teach us how to be an unusual person. On teacher's day, I always send a shot message with a blessing to my previous teachers, andthey are happy to receive blessings though it just a short message.

    • Wang Jiajia, why do you wait till this morning before class to comment?! Don't you have time before that (like yesterday or the day before)? Well, about teachers, we didn't only talk about English teachers; we were discussing all teachers! I agree with you that one should respect teachers, but you know, some teachers are so inconsiderate and rude that one can't respect them. I think respect is something that one (even teachers) should earn. It doesn't come with the title. For example, I don't expect you to respect me just because I am called a teacher. But I will be happy if I know you respect me because I earned your respect through my own kindness, respect to you and other people, selflessness, caring attitude, dedication, good attitude, etc. In China I get the feeling that they demand respect from others just for the image or title they have; but it doesn't work like that in the real world. People should earn respect from others for their humanity and dignity in their interaction with others.

  • Hellow John.Good evening.I have read the content about the next class.We will talk.about teachers.About teacher,I have to say our parents are the best teacher.I love teacher.But I do not want to be a teacher in the future.Because I think it is a little tired.And the teacher is very importent for us.We will listen an essay about teacher,and learn some verbs,answer some questions using the words which are in artical.And we will have a roal play about the last video.See you tomorrow,sir.
    • Wang Shuaitian, why do you comment so late?! Why can't you do it earlier? Okay, I like your statement about parents being the best teachers. Where did you get that view from?! Did you really thought that yourself? Quite interesting. It should actually be like that - that parents also fulfil a kind of teaching role in their children's lives. It was like that many decades ago, but unfortunately times have changed. Nowadays, parents are too busy to fulfil their parental roles and the teachers have that extra responsibility. More stress on the teachers!

  • Teacher is a very respectable profession, but now many of the teachers gradually lost should have sense of responsibility, the interests of heart, this let me very sad. But I still like the teacher this profession, because I think when the teacher is very difficult, when a good teacher is more difficult, so the teacher will make me feel respect.

    • Yes, Li Fengxian, I guess some teachers are just difficult as they would like to see progress with their students. Some teachers are like that every day of their life as they are just like that. But some teachers care enough to also be strict when it is necessary, I think. And as you said, some students would respect that. I think it is because they know deep in their hearts that the teachers intentions are good.

  • John,I'm sorry I didn't go to the class yersterday. But please believe us, we are not lost interest in English, we only really have something.Han Qing does have a fever, and together we went to the hospital. I'm sorry that I let you down and changed your plan.I hope you can forgive us .And I promise you never leave in the future.You are a good teacher and I'm interested in English indeed.World teacher's Day is an important festival.Not only the teacher is so, this is also so for students.And I am glad that I met many good teachers.They both have great influence on me.
    • Sorry if I judged too quickly, Nancy. Please accept my apology. But to be honest, I was wondering about you and the others and how you regard English lately. I am glad that you haven't lost interest in English; that would have hurt this teacher. Yes, I agree, many teachers have good influence on students. They can shape a student's life forever. That usually happens when they care enough to give their best for their students.

  • Hello,teacher.First,I should say sorry that I didn't come to the last class for some reason.But it doesn't mean I have lost my interest in English.I love English not because us Chinese students should learn English,just because I interest in it!I never regard English as a burden,but as a part of my daily life.Next class,we will talk about World Teachers' Day.The teacher that had the greatest influence on me as a child is my primary school teacher,Miss Yu.She is a very humorous teacher,she always made her class interesting and we can learn math very quickly.Besides,she is a very kindly person,and when us had problems,she could talk with us and try her best to solve our problems.As for me,I don't want to be a teacher because I think it will be very tired and boring.And I think I don't have the qualities of a teacher,such as patient,careful and so on.I reckon that teachers are similiar to parents because their aims are want us to be better.Next,we will do some vocabulary exercise and have a reading.See you.

    • Okay Han Qing, maybe I judged too quickly. Please accept my apology. I take your word on what you say about English. I will be happy if you will feel better to attend class soon. I am happy for you that there was a Miss Yu in your life, Han Qing! Caring teachers can make such a great difference in students lives. I think there are really many wonderful and caring teachers in China. It is good to read about the testimonies. I think you are right that many teachers are like parents because of their care for their students.

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