2014b: Week 9a: Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Detective game: Alibi

We'll play this game in groups. One group of 5 will be the suspects and there will be five groups of detectives (2 groups of 5, and 3 groups of 4). You will get the plot in class and the detectives will then question the suspects individually to find the criminals who have committed the crime.

13 - W9a - Alibi - Game.docx

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    • Glad you are a fan of detectives Holmes and Conan, Zhou Yuqi. We'll let you also play the role of detective tomorrow so that you can use some of their detective methods to apprehend the bank robbers in our plot! About Sherlock Holmes, I'm not sure about his history either. I do know he was created by a Scottish author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in the late 1880's, but sometimes it looked like the detective stories were based on real-life experiences. So, your guess is as good as mine!

  •  Hi,John,this is Ann.The next class we will play a longer TEFL game named Alibi that can help our English in listening and speaking.
    The game is to find the robber among the suspect,and the detectives can ask the suspects questions to check the holes in their abilis such as the location they were last night,the time they go to bed and so on. The class will divided into several groups,one group is suspects and the others is detectives.each group of detectives can ask each suspect five minutes to find as much as they can.

    • Looks like you know what Tuesday's class will be about, Ann. And you are correct in that it surely would allow you to practice your speaking and listening skills - if you want to, that is. Some students in previous classes continued to speak Chinese when the teacher was not close, but that jeopardized their classmates chances of exercising their language skills to the full. So, I hope your classmates would work together in this game so that everyone can practice their language skills as the game is designed to do (I know they would as I trust Liu Yufang's class..!). ;-)

  • Hello,teacher.We will do the news next class and it's about the terrorist attacted.So I'm glad because in China most time we are safe.Maybe don't allow to have guns is a good thing.Then we will have a game about alibi.This remend me of the detective conan,he is excellent in apprehending criminals.It's really a long name,we should divide into groups,some are suspects and the others are detectives.Suspects should alibi for themselves and detectives should find the hole of their alibis.I hope I will play the suspect.

    • I agree with you, Hou Yan, that a gun-free environment makes life so much safer. In countries like the US and RSA (my country) the people kill one another daily as the governments don't have the backbone to make the gun laws more stricter (or to ban guns completely). About the detective game, I heard of detective Conan before. I think some of the teams would need him on Tuesday to solve the mystery of the crime!

  • hello,teacher,I have looked the content next class.First we will retell the news as usual about terrorist kills soldier in canada's capital.It makes people feel scary,recent years,it has been happend many terrorist attacks in the world,so i think all countries should attach more important to this question.and then we will have a very interesting game called alibi,i have to say,i really like this game,because i like watch  this TV or movie,like six major cases(a china tv),Detective sherlock(it is so popular).and we will have a role play as detective and suspect,we will ask questions to judge who is suspect,it is so cool,it remind me of the plot that sherlock Holmes reasoning cases,i am so crazy about it.looking forword to next class.see you.

    • Glad you like detective cases or movies, Amy; then you would surely enjoy Tuesday's exercise. Maybe we should make you a detective as you got a lot of tips from Sherlock Holmes! Do you know the meaning of the word, "alibi'? Remember it. ;-)

  • Good afternoon John!I have known the content of the next class.Next class we will do a suspects and detective game which is called Alibi.I think this game is very interesting. It allows us to be trained a lot of skills at the same time. For example,through the game, we can exercise our speaking and listening ability and communicate with each other and allows us to exercise a lot of vocabulary to clear ours suspicion and prove that we are not present.The role of the detective will ask suspects a lot of questions, such as what time did you go to bed?was anyone with you? through these questions the detectives will find holes.I'm so looking forward to the game!See you.

    • Yes Pauline, there is a lot of English exercises involved in this game (basically all four language skills!), but some students choose to be engaged only in a few of them! So, I sincerely hope that all the students who will be in class that day would use the opportunity to practice their language skills. I always like this game when one of my classes play it, but of course I am always a spectator and it may be different from the view of the detectives and the suspects (the students)!

      Don't forget that we first have to talk about Tara's news! ;-)

  • Hello,teacher!I'm glad that I can comment on the website.The next class,we'll have the time to retell the news,which is mainly about an attack happening in Canada.In fact,when i think of the security of the foreign countries,I feel scared.I don't know why the foreign countries are so disorderly,maybe because the individuals can own guns.I have read the content of the next class,for the whole class,we'll do a role play,which is about suspects and detectives.And we assume that one of the suspects robbed the school.We should identify the robber by asking some questions,such as what they were doing at that time ,where they were and so on.I think the play can not only practise our spy ablity but our listening and speaking ablity !In a word,I'm looking forward to the next class!
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