2014b: Week 9a: Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Detective game: Alibi

We'll play this game in groups. One group of 5 will be the suspects and there will be five groups of detectives (2 groups of 5, and 3 groups of 4). You will get the plot in class and the detectives will then question the suspects individually to find the criminals who have committed the crime.

13 - W9a - Alibi - Game.docx

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  • Hello John this game I played like a lot of fun, but it is a pity that I can't understand english. The game between the criminal suspect sharp cooperation must closely, detective problem must also be sharp. I found this to be a very interesting and you can practice spoken English game, and I very much look forward to find the murderer of the moment.see you.

    • Yes Li Fengxian, I am also sorry that your understanding of English is not what I wish it would have been. By the way, we didn't look for murderers today; we were chasing bank robbers. But unfortunately your group didn't identify the right guys!

  • I think the Alibi game is like the dinting,because we also should to alibi to others.
  • Maybe it will be good evening this time,i'm so sorry too late to comment the website.Firstly, we will talk the latest news about an attack.it makes me feel terrible ,because there are a little things like this attack in recently years. And then we will have a game which i 'm so interested.if it's true that ihave no playing a game like this in my memory.we should find the suspector and need catch the loophole in people's saids.we should think some questions to ask.it's a new form for us. i think i should realise the rules carefully,Have a nice day tomorrow.

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    • Cynthia, why do you make your comment so late? You should be in bed right now! But tell me, what is a "suspector", Cynthia? Did you mean an 'inspector', or a 'suspect'? When I type the name "suspector", the spell checker on this website underlines the word in red, meaning the spelling is incorrect ... Did you not notice the red line below your word, "suspector" when you typed it here? Okay, hope you are ready for tomorrow's class as you must be tired this time of the night to have had a good look at the news and the game for tomorrow ...

  • Good evening,teacher.Next class,we will first recite the news about the terrorist in Canada's capital.Terrorists are now wilder than before.It become more serious. Then we will have a detectived game named Alibi.We will be divided into some groups and then play our roles to be detectives or suspects.We should listen carefully to what others say.The game can help us have a better command of our English speaking,listening and note-taking skills.When we become familiar with the game,it may be a lot of fun.^_^ Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,sir.Good night!
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    • Liu Yufan, you are back in your old pattern again ... commenting late! What are you doing with your time daily?! And now I'll get in bed later as I have to wait for your comment ... Are you sure you listened to the correct version of the news? I hope so for your class' sake as most of them mentioned that ...

  • Hi,teacher.Do you know the game which called"who is the dinting"?It's

    similar to our class acctivity.There are some noun card distributed

    to every player and it's secret for others about the content of the

    card,just one card different from other card which is called

    "dinting".Everyone describe the noun in turns and at last,the players

    should find out one person whose card perhaps is differnt.The role

    play is novelty.
    • No CC, I have never heard of "dinting". Why do you tell me about it? What is the relation between your game and tomorrow's detective game?

  • I agree with alibi is a longer TEFL game. In this game, we must to listen carefully and think quikly. And then, we must speak out what we think, it can improve our spoken skills. In an Alibi, some students play detectives, some students play Suspects. The detectives must to find out holes in the alibi through Interviewing some of the suspects. Then, the suspects can counter. Last the class decide if the suspects are guilty or not. The game is interesting, we will like it.

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