2014b: Week 12b: Thursday, 27 November

(1) Short awards ceremony to show appreciation to the class for their commitment and dedication through the semester. Awards will go to the 3 best dialogue-pairs, the best individual oral contribution, the best vocab test results, the best EC comments, and to the most persistent student.

Movie. We can watch one of 3 movies (if Liu Yufan could get us a media classroom...!). You have to tell me which one you want to see! 1. "The Freedom Writers Diaries" about a female teacher who was a model teacher; 2. "The Ron Clark Story" about a model male teacher in New York; or 3. "Walk to Remember" which also takes place at a campus, but it is a love story. So, most votes for one of these movies and we'll watch that movie!

Comments: This is then the last opportunity if you want to make a last comment (students don't return to this website afterwards ... so, it would certainly be your last comment here!). If you don't want to comment, it is okay. But to those of you who'd like to write something, tell me about your progress in English and what this year (two semesters) meant to you. I will reply to any comment (even if it is after our last class!).

P.S. Vocab Results: I attach the results of today's vocab test here. The correct answers are in bold. If you can't open it, I can send it to Liu Yufan on qq if required. Just let me know, pse. I noticed that at least one student achieved 100% ... and I know of one teacher who is very proud of you! I'll publish the individual results later.

Class 13 - Vocab paper Nov 2014 - ANSWERS.odt

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  • Good evening,teacher.The next class is the last class before the holidays .I make a great process in learning English.I feel very sad bacause the lesson will be finished in the semester. We will watch a movie in the next class.A Walk to Remember is my favourite.Becase I think it tell us a beautiful story about love.It have won a lot of awards in the film.I am looking forward the next class.See you tomorrow.
    • I hope your expectation for the movie was met with satisfaction today, Cao Hualin! If you could follow the dialogue (the English wasn't always clear, I have to admit), it surely must have touched your heart too! Yes, I am also sad about this being our last class. This is the one thing I really hate about teaching ... I get so attached to my students and then, when they are deep in my heart, we have to part. Last semester it was different to me as I knew I would see you all again. But this semester I already had the knowledge about this really being our last time together ... I will miss you and CC very much, Cao Hualin.

  • hi, john, this is Ann. i know this is the last time we do the comment this sesterm. I am looking forward to the next term very much,hopeing to learn more new things. The next class we will watch a movie ,i like the first "The Freedom Writers Diaries" about a female teacher who was a model teacher,cause i don’t like romantic movie. thank you ,see you
    • Sorry that you had to watch a love story with the class today, Ann! But I do hope that you enjoyed a little of it?! Watch that other movie (The Freedom Writers Diaries) by yourself; you will never regret it! It is a truly inspirational movie (though a little long - two hours). If you can't download it, ask me for it as I have it on my USB disc. Thank you for your class contributions this semester, Ann. As you already know, I was not too impressed with you last semester [;-)], but you were different this semester and it was a pleasure to have you in the class. You and Zhou Yuqi have always (as far as I could see!) participated well in the class discussions (and you know that it made me happy!). I will really miss you much, Ann.

  • Good evening, John I'm sorry this is the last comment, this semester, I am very grateful to you and the class 13 friends. I think that without your help, my English not so fast progress. Tomorrow may be our last meeting and parting, I am very sad, But I believe we will have to meet one day. John I'm going to miss you, you have been a responsible teacher is in my heart. See you. Oh and I like the second film.

    • Thank you for our last comment, Li Fengxian. And thank you for attending this semester's classes with Class 13. I admire you for that. I hope you made some new friends in this class. I had the feeling that most of the students have accepted you and it appeared to me that they have mostly treated you well. I am very grateful to them for that. Though you may not use English again, I also think your language skills have shown improvement. Maybe one day you would be glad for that. This was now our third semester together and I know I will miss you dearly, Li Fengxian. You will remain a special student in my heart. Good wishes to you with your future plans.

      P.S. I will forward your final semester score to the office together with that of Class 13. Pse make sure that they (the admin office) don't miss it! ;-)

  • ^_^,Hello,John.It's the last comments of this semester.Time goes so quckily,and the next lesson is our final oral English lesson of this semester.I will miss you very much.I know you will miss us ,too.Tomorrow we will see a movie.What I most like is the first movie.I think it must be very moving.I hope you will have a good time after the class finish. See you tomorrow.

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    • Thank you, Nancy. Sorry that we didn't watch your movie choice (but it's my guess that you enjoyed today's movie with us too!). Do yourself the favour, however, and try to watch that movie by yourself (The Ron Clark Story) as it is very inspirational. If you can't download it, let me know as I have it on my USB disc. Thank you for your class contributions, Nancy, and for your enthusiastic conversations with Wang Jiajia and Crystal. You know how I like it when my Chinese students speak English, and I have often noticed your exciting discussions! Yes, I will miss you, Nancy, very, very much.

  • Hello,teacher.It is time to say goodbye for this semester.We really had great time learning English with you.Even though the website always make fun of us for example we can not see the pictures and look through the attachments with our own computer.But with Houyan's help,we did the comment smoothly Haha,i also think she should have earned a lot of money from us~~
    By doing the comments,i learned a lot of foreign cultures.And i think without the comment i will not search anything about it on the Internet.It widen my horizon greatly.This semester,i tried to find a good way to speak English.I trained my spoken style by reading after the radio of CET6 listening examination.What i want is my spoken English is not Chinese-spoken style any longer.I just want to talk with others as fluently as possible.
    I want to see the third movie,i enjoy the love story.I had never seen it andthink it must be attractive.Thank you for your great help in the past year.Hope the next semester:)
    • Thank you for your comment, Kelly. I am surely going to miss our discussions based on some of your comments. I hope I'll get another student in one of my future classes that would also find an interest in communicating in such a way! I enjoyed it very much, and I am sure that it helped to further enhance your language skills. I am glad to read that you have regarded the visits to the website in such a positive light. I have discovered since introducing website comments to my curriculum for my English students, that it is surely a great aid to improve the students' language skills (despite some students not liking it!). Just a pity that we had problems accessing the website for some strange reasons. Yes, I would be forever grateful to Hou Yan for helping my class with the website!

      But, after this semester, you don;t have to abandon the website completely (if you can get access, of course)! If you need to practice your language skills, you can always continue writing to me (or use my email address on qq, or j3bester@yahoo.com) and I'll eply to give you reading practice too! And on the 'listening' page there are excellent listening exercises here, not only Tara's news (but also links to the BBC, VOA, Russia English service, and Al Jazeera)! I am sure that you, with your goals of improving your English, would one day be fluent in the language! Then lastly, thank you to you too for such a positive attitude in class, Kelly. I enjoyed having you in the class. I will miss you and Ada very much and I separate from you with sadness in my heart.

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