2014b: Week 11a: Tuesday, 18 November

(1) Music lesson: The Rose by Westlife/Bette Midler

P.S. Liu Yufan, may I ask you to bring your sound system to class, please?!

(2) Enjoy English: The Adoption

Do yourselves the favour and check out this website as I'll refer to it during the lesson: www.halfthesky.org

P.S. Oh, and don't forget to listen to Tara's News bulletin!

The Rose - S.pdf

The Rose(1979).mp3

13 - W11a - The Adoption.pdf

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  • Love is a feeling, a taste, a kind of physical reality beyond the sweet response. Love is a kind of thoughts, like the white clouds floating in the sky. Love is the sun, the wind, the air. Love is a kind of heartache, like touch your soul vibrato. The teacher you loved? Love let me pain let me happy let me cry make me smile. Love is happy, is sad, is intoxicated, is a mood, is brave, is trust, sincerity, considerate, is lovesickness, is the memory is sweet, wine is, is the oasis, is intoxicated, is happiness. The final say S.J I still love you.

    • Li Fengxian, you sound like a very romantic poet ... I wonder if you haven't fallen secretly in love recently ...?! I'll have to ask Meng Guimiao to find out from Candy or the other girls in Class 12-1 as I have a strong suspicion ...! But remember, the love in "The Rose" is not necessarily only about love between lovers. I think part of it is about a deeper love than that, a selfless love that one doesn't see often in the normal relationships when one looks around. The love I see mostly in relationships, is selfish love (putting self first). If the world had more sacrificial love (selfless love), there would have been no orphans and abandoned children ... Btw, did you forget to comment on the second part of the lesson? Okay, I'll ask you some questions tomorrow about that so that you can improve more. :)

    • I'm sorry I didn't go to school because I fell met yesterday. I don't . I don't have a boyfriend but I have loved a boy could not selfless love because I feel I have to do in order to who give my selfless recently.

  • Hello,teacher.I have listen the news and it's strange that the people in South korea have that stereotype.The rose is a soft song and the song lyric is romantic.In fact,I am so glad to know we have a song in our class bacause the songs in our class such as mills away,rolling in the deep and nine million bicycles in Beijing are all nice.As for the story,I think it's hard to say,I hesitated about how to do but fail,I don't want to make a choice.Because real parents and the adoptive parents are the girl's parents,the girl must don't want one of them be sad.Good night.
    See related links to what you are looking for.
    • I am glad to read that you would be happy about tomorrow's song, CC. Maybe we'll dedicate one of the versions of "The Rose" to you tomorrow because you are such a special student in that class! Yeah, Tiffany would have a difficult choice to make as I guess she wouldn't want to grieve her adoptive parents, but she has that curiosity about her biological parents. Maybe your classmates can give us the answers tomorrow ... :)

  • Because all the wound will heal and every winter will be over.And we will became more strong and brave,we will learn how to love and be love.There are a lot of English songs which is so besutiful and moving.I really love it.I don't know if you listen some chinese songs.It's  beautiful too.I hope you can try to listen and it's good for you to learn chinses.We would like to recommend some good Chinese songs to you, as you recommend to us .Wow,That's all.I comment for two hours.〒_〒.See you tomorrow.

    • Hi Nancy. I neglected to reply to this second part of your comment! About Chinese music .... I like the contemporary Chinese pop music with live beats! But I really don't like the traditional Chinese music where those women sing with those funny voices - those give me the creeps! I don't have Chinese music, but often hear it in the taxis as the drivers like to listen to their radios! I do learn Chinese, but I don't think the songs will help me at all, because I can't read Chinese and can therefore not read the lyrics. As with English songs, I am of the opinion (you know that) that songs would only help you improving your language if you have the lyrics to read while you listen to the song. So, you can use English songs to help you improve, but I can't do the same with Chinese songs! Wow, you were busy on the website for two hours ...! I am proud of you, because you didn't give up! Nancy, I will miss you and most of your classmates so much ... we finish our classes next week ... :(

      P.S. You must go to Hou Yan and let she go on the website and listen to this original recording of "The Rose". I am sure you would appreciate it too ... ;-)

  • Hello,John.i have listened the song The Rose by Westlife.i have seen the reply to other people and you said you are more like listenting to the style of Bette Midler.But I'm more familiar with Westlife.and i like The love by Westlife.I checked the Chinese lyrics, it's very beautiful.Compare love to rose, the rose will bloom in the spring.For love is full of trust, love will give people hope and encouragement.the sound of singing and  melody are so sad,but let a person feel the strength in despair.looking forward to listending to the song the next lesson.

    • I didn't say I like Bette Midler's style of singing, Cynthia; I said I only like her version of "The Rose" more than that of Westlife! I also like Westlife's music, even more than Bette's music (except for "The Rose")! But, it appears that you have a little misunderstanding about tomorrow's lesson, Cynthia. We are not only going to listen to music ... apart from the news (which I hope you have listened to) and the music lesson, there is also a lesson about adoption. Did you miss that? I'll keep the questions about this part of the lesson to all of you that didn't comment on the second part of the lesson. Don't you think that would be fair? :)

  • Good evening.I must tell you that it's the third time that I comment tonight.I am very ,very sad that my comment disappeared due to some reason.I comment so much ,but it both disappeared.Now I'm coming again.I hope this time you can see it. I have listened the news of Tara. It's a news about Irish English teacher who are used to being discriminated  against based on their native language ,their accent and so on.I think it's unfair.No one should be discriminated against because of racism.All people is equal.It's not enough to say that every one was created equality.Don't you think so?(*^__^*). I have listened the song-The Rose.I must say that it's a beautiful and moving song.It just lodged in my mind as a very sentimental song.I most like the two lyrics are"It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance .It's a dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance"I really agree it.There are a lot of things that we shouldn't afraid even if we may be hurt.We can't reject grow up and hurt.Because all the wound nn

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