2014b: Week 10a: Tuesday, 11 November

(1) Short Intonation practiceYou don't have to comment on this part of the lesson as it will be very short.(2) Friendship discussion in small groups. This is an English Club lesson and can also be viewed here (if you can't open the attachment): https://www.englishclub.com/esl-worksheets/conversation/TP_Friendship.pdf

Topic - Friendship - Eng Club.pdf

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    • Thanks Ada, looks like you would be ready for Tara's news on Tuesday! But I agree with you that we need friends in our lives. We are social beings and need other people and if we are not with our families, friends are the ideal substitutes! And we should look after our friendships and care for them.

  • Hello,teacher!I have read the reply you gived to me.I'm glad that you tell the story about you and your teacher!I have also read the content of the next class.To begin with,we need to retell the news,for me,I perfer translating it into my own words than just reciting it.I think as long as we understand it,i think it isn't difficult.Then,we will discuss the topic about friendship.As we know,friendship plays an important part in our lives.The first friend of mine is my neighbour,she is very tall and as the same age as me.We went to school and went home together,we were in the same school until junior high school.But after the junior high school,we were separated,what made me sad was that i losed the touch with her.Now,i still remeber the memory when we played together and i still miss her.I regard her as my sister.As for me,the friends don't need th be rich or beautiful,but they treat us sincerely ,have the similar view and share the secrets with us.In a word,I'm looking forward to the next class!
    • I'm happy to read that you indeed read my replies to you, Maxine. It was a pleasure to share something with you that is close to my heart! As you know now, I read all the comments as that is the least I can do for the students who take the time to comment. But when I have time (I always try to make time!), it is also pleasant to me to reply to the comments, and of course much rewarding when I realize that my replies have been noted! So, thank you. About your friend, I hope you still have a friendship despite the separation; it is possible. :)

  • Hi,teacher.I feel so sorry about my reply because i did not made a good arrangement for it.I found a part -time job on the 3rd floor of the 3th dining hall which is to help to sell the lunch.I worked till 7:30 p.m.And go to study by myself in scheduled time in erya.Till 10:00 P.m.I arrive the dormitry.I am a delay-girl.Every thing i should deal with maybe put off for a long time.So i think i must change this bad habit.And i will make the reply in time.
    The news is so sentific about astronomy.But maybe the topic about friendship could arise our interest .As a saying goes,we rely on our parents at home but go for a help when we out.Sometimes we can not get timely helps from our parents for they are not always be with us.But we could get helps in time of our sorrouding friends.So commendable it is to have friendship with others.In many conditions,people who have similar interests or hobbies could be friends more easily.Of course for the same characterastic.I think the most strong friendship should be setted up on the trust. We could not be friends with every others but we should value those who we had bacame friends with.Please value the person who are in our sight.

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    • Thank you for the explanation, Kelly. I must admit, I was wondering lately about your replies as you were actually the only one always replying when it was necessary. Now I understand. But why do you have to work till 7.30pm if you are only helping to sell lunch (as lunch is in the afternoons)?! I think they abuse you to let you work such long hours! And I also know that you don't even get good pay as I knew other students who worked there before ... But I am glad that you could still find the time to submit your comments. Thank you. :)

  • Hello,teacher.Next class,we will focus on discussing about friendship.Friends are very important to us. When in trouble, we need friends to offer us en couragement and help. With success achieved, we also need friends to share our joys. It's hard to imagine life without friendship! In my life,I will make so many friends.But what’s is the ture friends and forever friendship?Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can’t stop. Someone who make you believe the whole world full of sunshine.This is forever friendship. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.It has become the teaching for true friend.But everyone has thier own standard in making friend.Some view it is important to make friends with whom they may share similar interest or hobbies with.These are true friends.But someone to make friend in order to gain some favors or privileges.These are not true friends. If you turn and walk away, Your forever friend follows, If you lose you way, Your forever friend guides you and cheers you on.Your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if you find such a friend,You feel happy and complete,Because you need not worry,Your have a forever friend for life, And forever has no end. when you're down, and the world seems dark and empty, Your forever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. So,friends are very important to our life,and friendships are the treasure in everyone's life.See you next class.

    • Han Qing, if this was your own thoughts and work, then this was the best comment I have ever gotten about this topic. So, you know. Because I don't know and can only go by what I read, I have to accept that it originated from your 'pen' (mind). So, thank you for an outstanding comment.

      Yes, people are made for one another; we can't live without friends. People without any friends usually give up on life, or they become real hermits and separate themselves from the world. Friends can make us, or they can break us. Abraham Lincoln said: "If friendship is your weakest point, then you are the strongest person in the world". I tend to agree with that.

  • hi ,john,this is Ann.the topic in the next classs friendship. In fact, i think friend is very important to all the people,one can have no lover,but he must have a friend.because everyone in the society needs others help.i am agree with the humorous quotation "the friend is someone who knows ...".Friends can just inclusive all your shortcoming.but i do not think friends should be the same.because even we are different,we can get alomg well too. i hope my feiend can be honest and Not hypocritical .she need not be enthusiastic or lively,but might as well quite and calm.
    • I agree Ann, that friends are more important than bf's and gf's! We can't be without friends. Can you imagine a life without friends? I can't! Yes, a friend who knows your shortcomings but still wants to be friends, must be a good friend! I notice that you take part in our class activities with much more enthusiasm than last term, Ann! Thank you for your good attitude. :)

  • Good afternoon John!I have known the content of the next class.Next class ,first we will recite the news which is difficult.Then we will talk about the topic about friends.In my opinion, friend is indispensable person in our life. When we feel sad or happy they will always company with us and never leave.My best friend is a lively and lovely girl. We know each other from 7 years old, now we has been a 13 years friends. She always take care of me. We talk everything to each other.When I got a bad score she will comfore and encourage me,and when I test good she will be happier than me.Although now we are not study together,she is in Dalian,I'm in Xingcheng.but our friendship is never change.we still remember each other's birthday and prepare fantastic presents.I feel so lucky to have this friend.Friendship is the nice thing in my heart.we will be friend forever.Looking forward to the next class.See you !
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