2014b: Week 10a: Tuesday, 11 November

(1) Short Intonation practiceYou don't have to comment on this part of the lesson as it will be very short.(2) Friendship discussion in small groups. This is an English Club lesson and can also be viewed here (if you can't open the attachment): https://www.englishclub.com/esl-worksheets/conversation/TP_Friendship.pdf

Topic - Friendship - Eng Club.pdf

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  • I agree with you John~Aithough my best friend is in Dalian,we still maintain a close contact,and my roommates is also lovely.I think I'm so lucky to meet them and make friends with them.Friendship is precious than the love of boyfriend.Because I don't have to worry about my best friend will leave me when I do something wrong.Do you agree with me,John?
  • Hi,John.I'm sorry that I comment so late.I know that you slept and I can't get your reply.But I still want to tell you my expectation of tomorrow's class.First,we will recite the difficult news. I agree with you that we shuld try to tell you the news by our own worlds .Otherwise,it would be a disaster!The we will talk about friend.We all have friend.There are an old saying that the feiends inneed is the friends indeed.But I don't think so.In my opinion,a true friend is the people that we b have a lot of precious memorys.I have alot of friends that I will never forget.And you are my friend too.
  • Hellow,John.I am so sorry it is to late to have a comment.About next class,we will have the news as usual.I think.this news is too professional, it is a bit difficult.And about friendship.To be honest,I have a lot of friends.but there is a few of them I can tell them my secrers.I do not believe friends must have the same hobbies.And I think the good friends must have some different opinions about the same things.And I think my good friend and me will do not feel embarrassed even though we say nothing.I believe there is pure friendship between men and women.See you tomorrow,sir.
  • my best friend is a gril.She is my high school classmate. She name is lily .we go school together, eat together and even though go to restroom. We help each other in studying and we can teach each other.Now she stay in shenyang ,but I leave her to xingcheng.so we seldom go together.I can conmunicate with her by qq and phone.Although friends are very important but families are more important than that.Families always company our .They never leave us.They care of us no selfish.They give us the best ture love .so I think families are the most important.when I look for friends , fristly,I will think the quality and character. If she or he can have a common hobby ,I think its well.The friends ,I will get together with them.
  • I did understand not to memory the news, but to retell it in your own words.I agree that these friendships are much better than the friendships between bf's and gf's.I really enjoy the times with my friends.It is happiness.Good friends give me a sense of security.I think everyone need friend and can't do with out friends.
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  • hi,teacher.i saw you in the naonao restaurant afternoon.our organisation have a match that go to shou shan,and i am workers of that.after that we have lunch there.i am tired yesterday,how about you,teacher?i have went to shou shan twice this weekend. hope go there with you next time.O(∩_∩)O about content next class,i have seen long ago,but don^t have time to reply.i remember we discussed similarly friendship or friends last simster.but time goes by,there are many different feelings.maybe,many peoplr think that friends is important than family,because we get along with friends in more time.i think friends is the families who don't have the same blood.and i don't think friend should have a lot common with me,we can change for each other.about the humorous quotation,i want to say i agree with that,i think who can tolert someone's bad points are real friends. platonic friends,that soynds good,but for men and women,i think should discuss it carefully.in my opinion,i disagree it now.since i went to the university,i s
    have seen the other students and me,i think if a boy want to get close to you,he is not only want to make friends with you.maybe there are some specials,but i think that is a little.that only is my opinion.at last,we have a short intonation practice and i think my intonation is poor.oh i should practice it more often.see you teacher
  • Hello,John.I know we're talking about the topic is friendship.I believe there are pure friendship between men and women,And I believe that the friendship between men and women after the two sides have men and women friends for a long time.There are a lot of good relationship between the opposite sex friend around me.And I believe we can walk longer.Good,night ,i know i comment very late tonight.Don't surpriesat me,HaHa.

  • Hello,teacher.I think friends is as important as our family,because they just like our families.When we are sorrowful,they comfort us.when we feel happy,so do them.
    we could make friends with different type of people so that we can learn from others and could be better.My friends have different characteristics,such as humorous,naughty,steady,proactive and so on.As the saying goes,If three of us are walking together, at least one of the other two is good enough to be my teacher.we learn from eacher other and try to be better together.Friends don't have a lot in common can make each other know more new things which is funny.
    My best friend in high school is a friendly and brave girl,her smile is beautiful and like a sun.She is a hardworking student,she often care about me...了ast but not least, she is my role model in study and life.
  • In my opinion, friends are more important than family. Because most of us are away from our family, and usually we only to get the regards from our family through a telephone. While, our friends stay with us every day. So we can share our happiness and sadness with them timely. I don't agree that friends should have a lot in common, of course if you and your friends have many common interests, you will get along with each other better. Most of my friends are faithful, kindness,and friendship. These are important qualities for me to look for friends. I prefer to stay with my family on holiday, just sometimes go out to play with my friends.
  • I think men and women can not become friends because of platonic, the first thought is heterosexual encounter between heterosexual men and women, are attracted to each other, if I met a man I will first look, if the development of good will to men and women friends between. I think men see a woman will think so too, this is the natural original relationship between men and women. Even between men and women can be friends, because all kinds of relations, also cannot become the best of friends.

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