Week 7: Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Video lesson: Stories from Romania

Class 1 will join Class 2 at 201 Yunhui at 1.30pm (3rd class) on Wednesday, 2nd April.

To watch the video, please go to: http://www.englishclub.com/esl-videos/lessons-from-romania/index.htm

If you want to see more of Romania, you can view it here: http://paradiseintheworld.com/romania/


1. Please note that I cannot reply to all comments as it just takes too much time. I will do comments randomly, but if you feel that you deserve a reply, feel free to tell me and I will answer you. However, I do read all your comments; I do not skip one, as I owe you at least that courtesy for your trouble to comment.

2. Will some of you (Xiao Hao, Li Xiupeng, and two or three others) please include in your comments whether you can now view the pictures in this post and open the attachment. Thank you. I have reported the problem to Admin, but it appears that they could not find anything wrong here.


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    • Thank you for taking some trouble to read up a little about Romania, Li Zhenling. I hope you read it in English as tomorrow's class is an English class .. But there is something I don't understand: You said their custom is different from China's and they don't like eating "race"? What kind of food is race?

      I am still waiting on your qq invitation. I can't send you one as you have a qq question in Chinese which prevents me from doing it.

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    • Thank you for some information about Romania, Shirley. I hope you read it in English as tomorrow's class is an English class ... I'm not sure how much you're going to learn about the country from the video as it concentrates more on the developing of English in that nation. The best is that one reads up by oneself on the countries we are doing in the video series.

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    • Bao Zhengchao, I can't believe that you are doing the same as some other students before you! NOWHERE have I mentioned the name ROME in the lesson post! Do you really think your comment is a proper comment for tomorrow's lesson? Some of the girls have taken the trouble to read up on Romania (maybe not much, but they did) and commented on that to make up for the issue with the attachment that can't open. And earlier you mentioned yourself that as Xiao Hao, your roommate, can open the attachments, you would read it on his computer ... I am disappointed.

  • Teacher,I 'm sorry to say a sad news.Although I can see the PDF,However,I can't see the video about the Romania but other videos are ok.And I talk with our classmates,almost every one can't see that.So we just can see it on class tomorrow .

    • Okay Xiao Hao, thanks for the note; but if you could open the pdf file and read the info about the lesson, then surely this is not your comment for tomorrow's lesson, right?!

      Secondly, where did you try to see the video? Did you try the link I have provided in the original post? Well, it appears that for some reason that one doesn't work, but the link I sent a few minutes ago to all the students surely works (unfortunately it is the one without subtitles).

    • well,it's still didn't work.Let's me say something about the lesson.

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    • Zhang Qingbao, are you really proud of yourself for this comment? You have just taken the (wrong) name of the city Wei Zhipeng used in his comment and tried to say something about it. Rome has nothing to do with tomorrow's lesson! What kind of comment is this?

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    • Wei Zhipeng, this could have been a nice comment had we been discussing Italy tomorrow. But I don't think you made sure about the facts before you commented here ... Can you tell me what the relation is between Rome (the capital of Italy) and Romania?

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    • Glad you did some reading on Romania, Candy. Quite a number of students did. But, I'm just asking myself this question: As this is preparation for an English class, how many (if any) of them have done the search and reading in English ...?

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    • I'm glad to notice that you realize the importance of these video lessons in the language learning process, Liu Yan (despite your dislike of those lessons). That's a good attitude!

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