Week 7: Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Video lesson: Stories from Romania

Class 1 will join Class 2 at 201 Yunhui at 1.30pm (3rd class) on Wednesday, 2nd April.

To watch the video, please go to: http://www.englishclub.com/esl-videos/lessons-from-romania/index.htm

If you want to see more of Romania, you can view it here: http://paradiseintheworld.com/romania/


1. Please note that I cannot reply to all comments as it just takes too much time. I will do comments randomly, but if you feel that you deserve a reply, feel free to tell me and I will answer you. However, I do read all your comments; I do not skip one, as I owe you at least that courtesy for your trouble to comment.

2. Will some of you (Xiao Hao, Li Xiupeng, and two or three others) please include in your comments whether you can now view the pictures in this post and open the attachment. Thank you. I have reported the problem to Admin, but it appears that they could not find anything wrong here.


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    • Wow, you just made it on time, mr Rock (just past 1.05pm)! Sorry to hear about your troubles with the Internet and/or website the night before. And I note that you've made a thorough study of the country (hope it was in English)! Interesting facts about the flag. Do you know what the sacrifice of the people means? Red is also the colour of blood ... Hence my believe that Russia is built on the blood of the millions of Russians who perished during communist rule as their flag has horizontal stripes with red at the bottom .. Nevertheless, I hope you did get something of value from yesterday's video.

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    • Yin Linlin, the only reason for showing this video (and the other ones) is because I believe it is excellent lesson material and save for the listening exercise (which apparently all students need), the questions after watching are mostly asked in a way that allows the willing student to think about an issue and create good discussion. As you have observed, there are only few lessons included which would have a pertinent association with your major. The real Business English lessons that are available are too advanced, in my opinion, for the level of most Chinese students and would be by far too difficult to comprehend. I am trying to encourage the students to talk more freely and with more confidence by using what they have (their current vocabulary and knowledge) to say what they normally have difficulty in saying. If a person has difficulty mastering the basics of the language, how can one expect of her/him to grasp terminology as difficult as that from the business world? My hope is that our classes may motivate some students (not all are interested in English, as you know better than me) that they would by themselves start reading and exploring the international business environment as soon as they know in which direction they're heading. So, the intention for all those lessons during the semester, whether relevant or not, is aimed at improving the student's language ability. ;-)    

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    • Sorry Tony, it was Solomon, the Chinese boy, who said "never say die" was his motto in life in the other video about the development of English in China. But you're right, it means "don't give up"!

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    • Shao Shuang, I am glad that you have taken the trouble to look up some information about Romania. Some of your classmates didn't have the time to do that (despite them not being able to open the attachment or pre-watch the video). But I can see you have done your search in Chinese as your English translation is giving you away.

      You have only listed the introductory paragraph of the information on Romania. Then you let it hang in the air, added something about the population which doesn't make sense (29% of what?), and something about the official language (btw, it is Romanian). And what is the Osman empire? Never heard of it! What about the Ottoman empire? No Shao Shuang, this is not good enough.

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    • Li Xiupeng, Russian is not the official language of Romania.

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    • Zhang Qingbao, thank you for replying, but I have to urge you (and many other students) to take more care when you write. Maybe students should start writing in future by thinking in English what they want to write and then look up in the dictionary the words they don't know, and then write the correct sentence. I get the feeling the students think in Chinese and get translation software to translate the Chinese thoughts directly into English and then those sentences do not make sense. And then the students expect from me to read what they wrote ... I wonder if that is fair?

      So, can you tell me what you mean by these 2 sentences pse:

      1. "...I don't have to seriously look at your hair content .." What does it mean, and what does my 'hair' have to do with this?!

      2. "...I now feel sorry segment .." What do you mean with 'segment'? A segment of what?

      Thank you.

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    • Li Mengdi, like many students before you, I am not convinced that you know the content of what we are about to see in the video! Could you not open the attachment? Could you not view the video? What about checking out the News from Tara and commented about that? Not a good comment as it told me nothing about today's lesson.

  • Teacher, we will have video lesson again, I am very excited. This type of course that I like, I can learn a lot about the knowledge of the city , Romania is a beautiful place, I am also very yearning,i  hope this class will be surprising, at the same time, I will cherish this opportunity.

  • Teacher,maybe there is a problem that make me can't see the videos,but I can see the PDF file.I saw the questions in PDF file,and I generally understood the situation of Romania from the internet website.From these questions,I can see these ways that those teachers and students used,I think we must use English in our daily life every day and in many aspects that we can learn English well,but in China,there maybe haven't the language environment except schools and some companies.But I think we can listen or read English in books,songs,movies,cameras,etc,just as we use Chinese.And I glad to take the video class,and learn about the English study situation in another country.I think Romania is good in commerce and environment,is beautiful and long history in general.See you,teacher!

    • Did you use the link I have provided for watching the video, Ren Zhihong? What about going to the video section of EC (English Club) yourself and see if it works? There are a number of videos on this website to watch. At the very top bar on any page on this website, there is a block for each of the 4 sections this website consists of. Click on "Learn English for learners"; then in the new window, click on ESL Videos; then click on one of the pictures in the list of videos you want to watch. The videos we use are all part of the "Learning English Video Project" (I think the first one on that page). Glad you looked at some of the questions; so, there would be at least one student who knows the answers! But I am still baffled about why most students can't suddenly open the attachments. Even Josef (Essberger, the founder of the website) has looked into this issue and couldn't find any fault from the side of the website.

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