Week 16: Wednesday/Friday, 4/6 June 2014

(1) Wednesday, 4 June:

Class 1: Visit to Shoushan

As Class 2 wouldn't have class on Monday, we won't have an official class on Wednesday (except if you insist), but we'll pay a visit to Shoushan again. It would be required from each student to chat with the teacher for at least one minute about her/his plans for the summer holiday. We can do this early morning at 8pm (start of first class), or even earlier if you want to watch the sunrise. Or we can go late afternoon after the heat of the day (and maybe watch the sunset). Li Xiupeng can tell me what the class has decided.

Some students (females, of course!) suggested rather going to the beach ... I will consider that only on one condition: That the boys of Class 1 give me an undertaking to accompany me to Shoushan on a weekend before the summer holiday as I need some help there for a little task ... You can tell me also on which weekend so that we can secure that date.

Class 2:

Pse take note that you won't have an oral English class on Wednesday as you would have this class on Friday together with Class1. All students from class 2 are being invited to join our little expedition if you are not too lazy that day (we know you don't have class that day!).

(2) Friday, 6 June

a. Goodbyes ...

So, we have reached the time of the year that one foreign teacher in China never looks forward to. And this time 'round it looks like it would indeed be our very last class together ... I therefore just want to thank each and everyone of you for a great time we had together. Yes, there were times that I might have failed you and that I got upset or angry and felt obliged to 'haul you over the coals'/reprimand some of you, but despite that, I know in my heart that I enjoyed every time I'd been with you two classes. Please accept my apologies for failing you at times (especially when I got upset or angry). But I still think this was our best semester together as we have grown closer. Thank you to each of you who had made a contribution to make our classes as pleasant as it was, however small it had been. I have taken note of many such efforts. I really appreciate all of you. And I will never forget you, never.

b. Awards of Appreciation

The categories for this semester would be as follows:

Best role plays: Class 1 and 2

Best actresses and actors: Class 1 and 2 (sorry, no prizes here, only recognition!)

Best result in vocab paper: one student (or shared, if scores are tied)

Best EC comments: Class 1 and 2

Best progress: Class 1 and 2

A few 'special thank you' awards to some students - they would know why ..

c. Movie: Erya 121:

We'll end our classes by watching a truly great movie (trust me for this pse!) with an inspirational message for your life journey. There would be something in for everyone's taste (I hope!) - some action for the boys, a love story for those who like to inspire their dreams, and even a western wedding for the girls! Hope you like it.


Xiao Hao/Li Xiupeng, can I ask you guys to please ask Maintenance (does Liao Gongda have some unit like this ..?!) to fix the first entrance door to that classroom (room 121) so that we can properly close that door and watch our movie in peace? I will really appreciate that.

Oh, and while you talk with those guys, please ask them too (I'm being opportunistic now ..!) to replace the defective globe at the light in the passage above the ATM on the first floor of Erya. I often withdraw money there after my evening classes and one can't really see what you're doing without light there (it's been like that for more than ONE year now and no one is doing something about it!); and many students would appreciate that too! Thank you.

Then I end off with my high school motto in Latin:



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  • First of all, I want to say something  to you, I like your teaching style, you are malicious cool. I don't know what should I say , because I feel this semester to come to my flat. However, I still think I have a lot of harvest, a lot of happiness. Through your lesson, I gradually fell in love with English, and I also began to find English video and movies.
    In China, many problems do exist in the society, the gap between rich and poor, social discrimination, contempt for the law, and so on. Sometimes when I saw the bad news, I will be very sad, very angry. However, I think I still have confidence with hometown, I think we can change ourself to change the world.

    Actually I have a lot of words want to say to you, today I think of you in every class, for us is see the film, video, listen to the song, and  you have great taste, every movie, every songsis very attractive. You are my first foreign teacher, I have been fantasy, but, more than all of my foreign teachers are looking forward to you, I have no nonsense.

    Tomorrow  we will go to climb the shou mountain, this is the second time we went to, I'm looking forward to, for me, mountain climbing is a very good experience, I like mountain climbing, my family has lived in the mountain, I often went to climb the mountain at ordinary times, I feel very happy, looking forward to see you tomorrow, you know.

    • Thank you for the comment, Zhang Cong. You kept your best comment for last! I am glad to read that you have started to like English as second language. It can never replace one's mother tongue, but it is enriching one's life as one tries to master this (current) global language. You will never regret it if you continue studying English. Remember, Napoleon Hill said, "the man who can speak two languages, is worth two men"! And I think he has a good point there! So, you would be worth two men to your company one day if you can also speak English (more) fluently! Oh, and I am glad to see you had some good memories of the classes too (despite the teacher's temper ..!).

      Yes, we'll meet at 4pm at the North gate. I hope this would be a memorable one to you and your classmates! :)

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Li Zhiping, if you don't want to go with us, it is your decision. I am not going to make that decision for you. We are supposed to have a class tomorrow, but I decided on this outing as Class 2 didn't have a second class this week. But I can't (and won't) force anyone to accompany us; it is everyone's own decision. If you and some friends want to return earlier, we'll ask a boy or two to join you, but I can't guarantee that. But I don't think we will wait till dark, We'll attempt to watch the sunset and then leave immediately. However, you decide what is the right thing to do, and do it.

      I am glad to read that you feel you have learned some things in our classes (though I don't think it was always understandable by all ...!). Good wishes to you too. And I'll miss all of your class too! ;-)

  • Wow it's beautiful landscape photos, this is shoushan? I hope tomorrow will be a memorable day, I hope you will become our memories. There tomorrow 14:00 I have a class, I'm sorry, if you can 16:00 departure I would be very happy.

    • Yes, Li Fengxian, we meet at 4pm (16h00) at the North gate (bei men) - specially for you (I think)! What do you mean with "landscape photos"? There is only one landscape photo on this page! And of course it is Shoushan! But not my own picture; I got it from the Xing Cheng website! See you at 4pm tomorrow ... and hopefully it would become another memorable day! ;-)

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Thanks for the comment, Zhang Qingbao. And I'm glad to read that some of the lessons were helpful to you. That was exactly the intention with the lessons - to assist and help the students to improve their language skills! But don't throw away what you have learned now ... continue to study English (ask Wei Zhipeng or Wang Lei or one of the other boys to join you!). One day, I can assure you, you would be proud of yourself if you improved your language skills by your own effort and determination after this year. Good wishes to you! I will miss this class very much too. ;-)

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Thank you, Wei Zhipeng; I'm glad to read that you feel you benefited from our classes. Yes, I agree that you did improve your English speaking skill. I am happy to see that you plan to work on your English even after the end of this semester (and even thinking of attending English Corner!). I can assure you that you would never regret that when you one day realize how this (current) global language has enriched your life. So, good advice from a simple foreign teacher with a little more live experience ... don't stop! ;-)

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Yes, I too don't feel extremely happy about the fact that at last we are in Week 16 ... I never like the end of semesters (except when I myself have been a student, of course!). I agree that there were wonderful times in class. Sorry for the unpleasant ones as I know who was to blame for that! Thank you for the nice words (though, by now you know that I don't agree with the "good teacher" term that the students so easily mention; but I guess each one has the right to her/his own opinion!).

      So, you are joining us to go to Shoushan, right?! But what do you mean by a "fifteen-minute walk"?! It takes much more to get to the top of Shoushan than that! Does it mean you only walk from Bei men (where we, btw, meet at 4pm tomorrow) to the Huludao road and back ...?!

      Glad to read that you won't stop learning English. That tells me that your attitude towards English (and perhaps towards life) is 100% right! I noticed the change in you very well. During most of the first semester you still "have to learn it", but somehow something changed you in the second semester. I noticed it with Wang Fei too (and you know yourself what a formidable team the two of you became ..). Yes, there was definitely a serious attitude change (which of course made the teacher extremely happy)! Thank you to you too for your valued contributions and the positive energy you have brought to the class. May you too be blessed as you are about to enter (in two years time) a new life in this (still) unfamiliar world. You will enjoy this movie - my last gift to my class. ;-)

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Well, please read again what I wrote in this lesson post ...! There was an open invitation to Class 2 to join us when we go out tomorrow - so, you and mr Xiao and your class are not excluded from the excursion! If your classmates don't come, it would be their own choice! So, ......

      Haha, I don't blame you from thinking so badly about this bad guy with such a bad temper ...! He deserved every thought of that! I tried to give some of your classmates some perspective on this (cursed) bad temper (I think it was on Wen Xin's comment, amongst others), but I don't try to justify it. It was wrong, and it would always be wrong to have such a temper. However, I can assure you that even I am not happy with it and I am working on that temper and I will never stop until I have victory (and control) over it! So, my sincere apologies. When I think of those times that I lost my temper in class, I always feel bad about it. I know the class deserved better than that (even if they sometimes could have been the cause of igniting the temper - I am however not sure that they could be blamed for any time it was unleashed on them, by the way..).

      But, on a more positive note, I am glad that you feel you have learned some things in our classes (that would stick with you on your road of life). And I agree, you have made progress; I am a proud witness of that and you convinced me of that in your final role play. Thank you for your contributions and good attitude too in our classes. :)

  • Hello,my dear teacher.I saw the result of our paper test just now,to be trust,I think my score is not good enough,Maybe I can get a better one,but it's over now.So there should be no regret.
    What I really want to say now is Thank You teacher, Thank you for teaching us in a serious attitude all the time.and make our oral English improved a lot.I learned a lot of knowledges from you,and you make me believe that fairness exists in this world.
    This semester,we often go out to eat dinner together,it's really a special and happy experience for me,In the future,we have no class,but if you want to go out to eat something with me,just call me,and I would be very happy.
    I think we have chance to meet next semester,because you have the English corner,And I can join it.when you open it next term,please tell me when and where,I will join you.
    For the door and the light in Erya,I will tell the manager,tomorrow.Hope they can do something for us.
    Teacher,do you remember our first chatting on QQ last year.I said I think you are a good teacher.you said we didn't stay long,so you couldn't say it.I think I can say it now,you are a good teacher in my heart.

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