Week 13: Wednesday, 13 May 2014

(1) News by Tara

(2) Video lesson: Thoughts from Brazil


1. Classroom: 201 Erya (If mr Li didn't book a mediaroom for Class 1, they will attend the class with Class 2 at 3.55pm on Wednesday. Pse note it is the 4th class).

2. The 3rd picture is of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil where 7 games of the world's biggest sporting event would take place from 12 June to 13 July 2014. Which sporting event is that? And what is famous about that city? What are we going to learn about the video of Brazil?

3. Video to be screened here (and annexures): http://www.englishclub.com/esl-videos/thoughts-from-brazil/nosubs.htm



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    • Unfortunately Sun Xiaoxia, Tara has selected the news about a 'football' player just the very same week as we have the lesson on Brazil where the 2014 World Cup soccer (football) would take place. But that news has nothing to do with soccer. It is about the NFL football league in America and it is a sport they play only in America. Soccer is being played by real men and I haven't heard of any gays among soccer players. However, I am glad you like soccer too and are playing yourself (though only in the PE class, I guess!). I have also played when I was younger and I wish I could play again, but I guess I'm not the soccer age any longer ...!

      I like the way you referred to the 'thoughts' about this lesson. Yes, it gives us many thoughts about ways of learning the language and improving our language skills. The challenge is how to apply those skills to benefit our communication ..

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    • Thank you for watching the video, Liu Yan (though watching it isn't compulsory). I'm however not sure how much you understood as there was no subtitles in the version available to the students (except if I am mistaken)? Could you follow it easily, or was it difficult? One of the guys said it was difficult to watch without subtitles. But btw, you said, "you can learn English better as long as you learn it by your heart" ... I think that is very profound and very true, though it entails much hard work. But you are not afraid of working hard, am I right?! :)

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    • So Kou Yejia, the fact that you don't like soccer (football), is not really because it is so boring; it is probably because your father has annoyed you and your mom so much with his control over the TV remote when he watched the soccer and the ladies wanted to watch something else! I bet your mom today also hates soccer today! But if you know something about Barcelona (my favourite club team) and Real Madrid, you are actually a soccer specialist as not many girls have that superior knowledge!

      Btw, from your comments it's clear that you didn't read the attachment nor have watched the video (though watching the video isn't compulsory). Am I right ..?

  • Federative Republic of Brazil is Latin America's largest country, population ranks fifth in the world. Brazil has vast tracts of farmland and vast rainforest. Country names from the Brazilian mahogany. Benefit from the rich natural resources and abundant labor, Brazil's gross domestic product ranked first in South America.and also Brazil has the reputation of the kingdom of football.the 2014 world cup is held in Brazil.i know very little about Brazil.i hope i can know more about it through this class.

    • No Yunping, you are not going to learn much more about Brazil trough tomorrow's lesson as the lesson is about the developing of English in Brazil, not about the developing of the country! I hope that the students would read up on Brazil themselves as it is their own responsibility to expand their knowledge. However, it appears that you do have some information on Brazil. I'm glad that you mentioned the rainforest as no one has so far. Do you know what it is called? It is the largest rainforest in the world and most of our oxygen originates there.

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    • So, I guess your brother is looking forward to this year's soccer World Cup, not so, Li Ningning? But about that guy who's admitted that he's gay, he is not so famous! He may only be famous in America as the NFL is the American football league and that is not soccer. They only play that game in America and I don't think it is really such a great game. The Americans think so; but history has showed us that the Americans are not always right ...

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    • Yes Wei Zhipeng, I agree, what a pity that you couldn't follow your dream as a child to play soccer (football). If you were a foreigner, you could have been a star today as sport is integrated with the education systems of the western countries and students can take part in sport from childhood. Sadly, the reality today is that China would never become a great soccer playing nation (meaning a great national team) as long as the authorities persist with the current education system. And you are right about the crime in Brazil. However, FIFA is monitoring the situation and would not allow the tournament to take place without securities from Brazil that they can guarantee the safety of the players and the fans. It was the same as in 2010 in South Africa. South Africa's crime rate is worse than Brazil's, but that month in 2010 the crime was the absolute minimum (even the criminals were patriotic!). So, maybe Brazil can do it too.

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    • I'm glad one student is at last mentioning the greatest soccer player the world has probably ever seen, Pele! Some have mentioned the name of Ronaldo, but he doesn't even come close to Pele (neither does Ronaldinho). Well, I hope your dream about seeing Rio would come true, Zhang Qingbao. Rio is one of the ten most beautiful cities in the world (no 5) and is absolutely worth visiting. You would never regret (just jack up your English a little more as they also have English as second language)!

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    • You are the first one describing the statue in such detail; thank you. Sadly however, Brazil is no more a Christian nation; so, the statue has only become a symbol of Christianity. It's like America whose national creed is, "In God we trust", but America is no more a Christian nation (they lie if they say they are). Today there are more Christians in China than in America.

      It doesn't matter if you don't like soccer; as long as you know what the lesson tomorrow would be about! Yes, though soccer is the world's most popular sport, I also think the Olympic Games are greater; but I am also looking forward to the WC!

      Btw Fan Yixin, where did you get your answer about the capital of Brazil ...?! I am going to ask you to tell the class the answer tomorrow!

  •   I have listened to the news NFL Drafts First Openly Gay Player,It's a good news,But it's a little far from me.In China,I didn't saw too many homosexuals.Maybe,it's because China and western country have different traditional culture.

      For the video thought from Brazil,I watched it without subtitle for the first time.however,I didn't understand many words.So,I still have a long way to go in learning English.The country Brizal is a strong developing country same as China.There is going to be held the World Cup in this country.Looking forward to it although I'm not a football fan.just join in the fun.when it refers to football,I think of Chinese football team,They are famous for the bad skills.Haha.But I heard the South Africa football team is a good team.They have the right to join the World Cup last time.Look forward to tomorrow's class.see you teacher

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