Undiluted Secularism

Assalamu AllikumThe Status Qou Of World is absolutely like a Village , All divserse people can make Access to anywhere .Now globe is absolutely like a village so,We have respect each other & Secular should be the atmosphere , but many nation claim they are secular through their regime but they are Diluting it by denying Freedom of faith & Practice of Different Religion.Eg Ban Of Hijab (Islam) & Ban Of Turban (Sikhism)Why all are not not making their Diagreement against This.

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  • How ever your interpretation is truly recognising liberty to choose by sidelining what we inherited.Govt has to play its uncompramised role.

    I Accept your greeting.
  • Dear Askar,

    I think people must be free in choosing their religion since religion is a really personal issue and the only thing that governments can do is to support this freedom of choosing and practicing the religions. I think people have gained more knowledge these days and they are constantly fighting to get their right but, change can not be made in one or two days. It takes a while and a lot of effort.

    Thank you so much for your nice topic. Hope you be all right all the time and welcome to "change the world from within."

    Good luck,
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