Blind Photographers!

Pete Eckert, Charlie by the Portal"I'm a very visual person" says photographer Pete Eckert, "I just can't see." Based in Sacramento, California, Eckert began to pursue photography only after going completely blind in 1980. To him, blindness gives him an advantage. "Sighted photographers always talk about the difficulty of what they call 'seeing.' I tell them 'If you can't see, it's because your vision is getting in the way."Rosita McKenzie, Calton HillThe photographs of this Scottish artist are imbued with the freedom that comes from not seeing. Rather, her inspiration is triggered by non-retinal criteria. "I'll hold my camera at arm's length, lay it on the ground, hold it overhead," she says. "I can be experimental because I don't see. Instead, I sense light on my face. I hear the rustle of the wind in the trees or smell the fragrance of the flowers in the air. People ask me how I compose my shots," she laughs, "Well, I don't."

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  • Dear Nuria,

    It is amazing that a blind person can take such photographs. Some time, I think I am blind not them, blind in mind and blind in heart. As you said, everything is possible especially these days with the developement of technologies. Destiny is ours.

    I am really delighted dear Nuria that you liked the post.
    Thanks a lot,
    All the best,
  • Dear Nafis, what can i say... you're so nice to post these wonderful stories. shook me again and again.

    we can do everything, even those others thought we cannot do. Just need perseverance, just need to change the way we think.:)
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